These are the Last Days

I’ve started a Graphic Design course to promote YESHUA.  I’m taking Him on as my client to be His publicist.  As I realise He has had bad publicity in that He has been portrayed as a guy in a white robe who holds up three fingers.  And has a tiara of stars above his head. 

But I’ve seen Him.  He was wearing a suit!  So if you picture Him in a suit then just perhaps you would realise that He is alive and modern and with the times.  So He must live somewhere to have a suit made for Him.  Obviously!  And since He is real and God, He must have more personality than anyone on this planet.  Captivating!  I promise you! 

He has a greater army than any army on earth – Legions and legions of angels.  Way, way more than there are people in this world.  Therefore He rules.  And since He is alive – He must eat food, drink liquids, sleep on a bed, breathe fresh air.  Wash in a bath, shave, comb his hair – which is gorgeous by the way and He is the most handsome.  He lived on earth and did all these things.  He’s not a figurine, clearly.  We are not more special, that we do all these things and He sits somewhere like a doll with no needs.  Oh please!  And He went home to be with His father.  So He must be living somewhere which is way more magnificent than where we are.  He has told us how beautiful His Kingdom is.  Streets made of gold.  He said He is coming back, so He isn’t ignorant of this world.  He must have a purpose and agenda which He tends to ongoing.  He knows exactly whose who and whose doing what.  And what’s going to happen. 

He is extremely powerful.  He just needs to speak to smite.  He is fiercely protective so He has a beautiful heart.  He has a great sense of humour.  And He is cunning.  So He must have a mind.  He is a warrior King – sovereign over all and if you don’t fear Him then you should tread lightly as on eggshells.  These are the last days.  Read Joel in the bible, it will make you aware to beware.

He gave me a vision the other day which was a bluish grey bird (He told me it was a miner) lying face down on the back of an envelope with it’s wings spread out.  Except the envelope looked like calico material, I first thought it was a folded flag but not sure.  The envelope had splattered blood on which was a pale red, like it had been absorbed.  I think it looked dry but not certain.

Pwee-pee pwee-pee.

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