Dark Horse

I had a dream on the 5th August just before waking.

I had arrived with a group at night somewhere in a remote area in the bush. There was a young teenage black girl who was familiar to me. She was afraid of a chicken and I was wondering why when they should be used to chickens. The chicken pinched me on my bottom and I started to think that maybe the chicken wasn’t as friendly and that it could become aggressive. Then the girl went to sleep on the sandy ground in the open. It was strange how she sort of collapsed into a sleeping position instead of lying down naturally. And that the shape of her lying down was awkward. And I thought that she must be used to lying on the ground.

My mum was sleeping on a bank just away from the group under perhaps a canvas shelter. I was sitting up alongside her when I looked up above us and saw military helicopters flying over us and a fighter jet and clearly knew that it was a MiG (although I had to look it up after I woke to make sure what a MiG was and the correct spelling). It was flying a little higher than the helicopters but the strangest thing is that it had no sound. I couldn’t wait to tell someone but they were all asleep.

My mum woke for a bit just as more helicopters came over and more MiGs. I was showing her the helicopters and she kept falling asleep. I was trying to keep her awake to stay watching and asked her if she saw the MiGs, but she couldn’t see them. It was so airy watching them knowing that they were just setting off on some early hour secret operation that no-one was expecting and definitely weren’t suspecting anyone to be watching, as the area was so remote.

When it was daylight the group we were with were leaving. I’m not sure who they were going off with but the girl was wearing my maroon sweater and said to me ‘please come back’.

I woke up around 5.30am just after the dream and was wondering about it when I heard God whisper ‘Is that an indicate?’

I looked up ‘God whispering’ in the bible and Yeshua says that whatever He whispers – tell it on the housetops. Matthew 10:27

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