Take Position

‘Oh where is my King?’

So while I’m sweeping their fireplace, I’m doing it undercover. They don’t know I write my story. They don’t know my story. I hear theirs everyday but they don’t ask me mine. I stay hidden in their homes day and night, all week long – living their life, not mine.

I got a WhatsApp from my cousin in Zimbabwe. The one who screamed at me in the Parienyatwa Hospital, Harare (Arrest Jesus post) when I asked for my bag to get my makeup. I haven’t spoken to her since. She wished me happy birthday except it wasn’t mine. It was my son, Tay’s. She then sent me a voice note telling me her news that I didn’t ask for. How her kids are doing so well with being able to study in Australia. How her physio practice has expanded and how her husband – whose father prescribed me 60mg of Prednisolone – is so busy with his business as an architect that she hardly sees him. And I thought,


So I asked my GP to send me a list of all my hospital sections with the reasons for being detained and what diagnosis they have put for me on record. I ended the email with Freelance Journalist under my name. And got a phone call from Admin. The lady wasn’t sure what I meant by sections and then suggested I access my medical records on the NHS App, for which I had requested a while back but still wasn’t granted permission to. So she asked IT to follow up and now I can finally start asking questions.

And I’ve got so many.

Starting with Bournemouth Central Premier Inn. (Psst post).

Bournemouth Hospital. She was admitted on the 19 March 2016 after being evicted from a hotel where she had not paid her bill with acute psychosis and required detention under the Mental Health Act.

Conclusion – False report

Proof – bank statement, invoice from Premier Inn

Trump card – why was I charged three nights when I stayed two. And why is the third payment taken, not reflected on my invoice?

Further investigation – fill out form no. : SA1.1

I had a dream on the 19/2 that London was the capital, not of England more like a large hub. Then I saw in space, mostly rectangular shapes joined but in sections and then 3D lit lines extending from each section to London. I then saw Boris Johnson levitating, lying in the air on his back. And I saw the man who made him levitate and was surprised that it was possible for this man to have such power. When I woke I didn’t remember who I saw.

Fake TV is comin’ to town

Yeshua says, ‘I’ll lead – you follow’.

Oh my goodness! Is He declaring war!?

Like I said, He’s on the inside. (Conclusion post)

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