Beira, Mozambique 1969

In December 2008 I left my home near Mafikeng, with my daughter to go to Media Village in Cape Town. I wanted to get equipped to write stories in Zimbabwe to show God was alive there as the people were suffering under the rule of Mugabe. I had to do a Disciple Training School first as a prerequisite to studying media. It was there that I learnt about human trafficking. I hadn’t even heard of it before that. We had to do campaign awareness in the community.

After the three months of school we had to do an outreach in Uganda. I didn’t want to go, I wanted to go on my own mission to Mozambique. My tutor, Kobus Mouton tried to convince me otherwise. He even personally drove me to the clinic to get the Yellow Fever vaccine. He was so fuming and driving so fast, I thought he was going to drive us off the cliff. And he sat right next to me to make sure I got it. And I still didn’t go to Uganda, I went to Mozambique with my daughter to drive John Wickes dilly instead.

I couldn’t continue with studying media as I hadn’t completed my course by not going to Uganda. So I stayed in Zimbabwe and just as I had begun my mission of showing the Jesus film in villages, I discovered I had a 14cm tumour on my thymus. I didn’t want chemotherapy which drove the haematologist, David Wrench crazy and I started taking Laetrile B17 tablets from a lady in the UK who was getting them from Mexico. As I started to detox, I noticed what looked like mercury or lead stuff in my mucus when I blew my nose. So now I’m wondering if that wasn’t from the adjuvant that they used in the vaccine which caused the autoimmune disease.

I think vaccines are the great signs the second beast performs causing ‘fire from heaven’ to deceive the nations. Revelation 13:13. I could get really angry about the trauma that vaccine caused me. I started therapy the other day with the sole purpose of telling my story to my therapist and then starting my own investigative journalism to find out why I was so badly treated when it wasn’t my fucking fault. After my first session I realised I’ve been looking at the outside story and not the inside story. 

If I hadn’t had the vaccine, my childhood trauma would probably never have surfaced. So I began to think about my inside story being told around the first time I had a panic attack in March 2016. I think it’s so easy to be distracted by the events going on and not looking at the inside story unfolding. 

In July 2017 I went to Victoria Falls for a holiday and then flew to the UK from Harare. My cousin drove me to the airport and on the way I reminded her of a vision I had in 2009 but she had forgotten.  I think it was the first vision God had given me.  It was a naked little black girl standing on a table in a warehouse and a Chinese man looking at her. I could feel exactly what she felt. Shy and innocent and afraid but trying to be brave. And as I told my cousin, I got a fright, like I wasn’t supposed to remember or mention it. 

It’s amazing because in June 2020 I had a vision. I was about to travel and had to present my passport, I took it out but it wasn’t my passport. I opened it and clearly saw a woman’s passport photo, curly perhaps highlighted hair and clearly read her name which I would have remembered had I woken then. I closed the maroon passport and it had Peru written across in gold. So I thought that God wanted me to go to Peru.

At the time my client was knitting woollen hats for charity, to give to seafarers, but was getting bored of knitting and had thought she’d like to make small teddy bears, to sell at the market, to raise money for the Friends of the Stafford Children’s Centre in Jerusalem. So I started making pin cushion mice to raise money to help single mums on my expected ‘mission to Peru’. But because of lockdown and barring travel I gave up.

I posted two mice to South Africa, one to my cousin in Cape Town in September 2020 and one to my aunt in George, August 2020. My cousin’s mouse got sent to America instead and months later got returned back to me and my aunt’s mouse was unclaimed and sent back to customs and returned to me, a year and 4 months later. God is a brilliant storyteller. I guess she was tracked by His Holy Angels.

I’ve started tracking on my world map, all the countries that use the 4 main COVID jabs, using red stickers to mark them and then those countries that have mandates, have the red circle stickers with a green ¼ circle on them. And Europe is starting to look like a Christmas tree.

A few days ago, on the 19th December, God said, ‘blue fly’. Then the next morning just before waking I had a vision of a shiny blue vector drawing of an apple, like the Apple one except the bite was on the left. And there was a shiny blue bevelled star on top of the apple to the left. Then the next day God said again, ‘blue fly’. And later pathogens. And when I was wondering about the star, he said, ‘4 star’.


Matthew 13 : 36 – 43


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