by Kim.

The beast (whose one head, Europe after WWI, was mortally wounded and healed) was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and given authority to continue for 42 months. Revelation 13 : 5,7. It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. It started from barring the Jews from schools, cinemas, theatres, then making no enter zones and then transporting them to death camps. They were the brave ones, who were set apart and bear testimony to all of us when the marks are going to start. I can’t believe the Jews had to go through the most evil cruelty. How much worse will it be for those that are tattooed for hell. Day and night, never ending.

The image of the first beast spoken by the second beast is to act as the protector for the citizens. During Nero’s (666 in Hebrew) time, the Corona Civica was given to those who protected citizens. A country takes the mark of the beast by agreeing to be under it’s authority or even identifying and being of one mind with the beast. And then you can trade. It’s a cover of subtle control for the dragon who wants complete control. It’s a difficult balance because to gain complete control of citizens using a mask like a lamb at some stage you going to have to speak like a dragon. Dictators have ruined countries by sidestepping the beast and acting alone.

So if you go along with the narrative of using protection as a cover to have absolute control of your citizens, you’re being marked. One by one. You can’t see it when it’s put on you. Labelled for your father’s camp. And we have to be patient and watch this going on. While you’re selecting us by who wants your shot, who will have it anyway and who won’t, we’re just the waters (Revelation 17:15) to set you all up. This is the selection for all of you to get your marks. So who wants it? Who will have it anyway? And who will refuse? But can you hurry too so this will all be over. The more you move the goal posts for us, the further your goal posts move too. So choose how low you are prepared to go to receive your mark. Game over.

The dragon well knows his days are numbered and he’s leading you right to his doorstep. You can’t take the mark off, it’s there for eternity. It’s your trademark for your trade off. So whatever you’re planning for us, it’s for you, for eternity. What Haman planned for the Jews was turned on him. And he was hung on the very gallows he built for Mordecai. God is not mentioned in the book of Esther because He was right inside. The Jews were full of fear by hearing Haman’s plot. But when the king interceded, they then had victory over their enemies, who then feared them. God isn’t mentioned now either because He is right on the inside. At the tipping point our King will most certainly intercede for us. And I know this because the pandemic was announced on the 11th March 2020 when Purim was being celebrated in Jerusalem. I was there, it was my birthday.

For God has put it into their hearts to fulfil His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. Revelation 17 : 13. The economy (10 kings) has power for an hour with the beast and makes war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. The economy will turn on the great city, making her naked and desolate. Financial currency (7 kings), 5 were 1 is, the symbol is an S with a stroke through. The 7 will come together with the 8 which is the beast, the symbol being a B with two strokes through. And will only be here for a short time.

So Haman take off your mask and reveal yourself so you can be taken downstairs to your father’s house.

On the 23 September 2021, I had a dream that I had opened the fridge and inside was a big piece of meat. When I stepped closer I saw that it had a cloth over it, so I lifted it and it was a sheep’s head with all the flesh exposed. There was a big chunk missing on the left side which was significant.

I was then outside a brick building, like a factory and my parents were sitting outside. I told my mother what I found in the fridge and she said something to my father and they both snickered. They both seemed different, I could sense they were like demons. Then my father spoke to me but I couldn’t understand except I felt like I was being hypnotised.

When all of a sudden I woke up and had a vision, I saw the sky outside my bedroom window lit up with lightning bolts flashing across the sky from the east and west. I felt exhilarated but knew for a lot of people it would be most terrifying. I was excited and relieved because I could sense Yeshua was fed up and He was coming to fight for me. I could feel the floor shaking and I could hear the earth rumbling. I could also hear explosions in the distance, like a battle going on.

Read Revelation 14 : 6

Do not take the mark.






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