One Question

For wherever the carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered together Matthew 24 : 28

A father left his children with a farmer and his wife until such time that He returned for war. The farm was in a lot of debt and the bank was threatening to take it, unless the farmer paid up. The children worked really hard to keep the farm going.

One day the bank manager came to speak to the farmer and told him about the image that would relieve him of all his stress. It went something like this,

‘Santa Clause is real and he has given me a vision, to join all the farms together and make them into one kingdom. He will come and live with us and bring his elves who will do all the work for us. But only the chosen farmers will be able to live in the palace and be rewarded with a pot of copper coins, for looking after the children so well. They would have the freedom of the kingdom and not have to worry about the children anymore, as they would be well cared for in one big house.’

Then a plague came and the bank manager said ‘this is the sign from Santa to get moving’. The farmer was told to stop working his farm and to keep the children indoors until the plague passed.

The farmer was anxious as his debts were accruing. And the plague was still around.

Then apples were offered at a price. The older children were to be offered two bites to protect them from the plague and then all would be well and they could leave the house again.

So the farm stood still while each one made up their minds who wanted it, who would have it anyway and who wouldn’t.

Whilst this was going on the bank manager sent word that the younger children needed to be offered the apple too as the plague hadn’t left.

And then the bank manager added that actually two bites is not enough, maybe start from the top again, offering a third. And then he changed it again and said postpone it and rather take out a loan to buy apples for the poorer farms first. And perhaps we need to offer the babies too.

Then the farmer got fed up and spoke to his wife about one of the children who wouldn’t take the bite. He threatened his wife that if she couldn’t force the child, he would abandon her and how would she survive.

So the wife rushed off to speak to the girl,

Wife : Bite this apple twice and you’ll be protected’.

Girl : ‘Sis! That’s not an apple’.

Wife: ‘Yes it is! ‘

Girl : It’s purple and it’s got a worm in it!’ ‘ Who grew it? It’s disgusting!’

Wife : ‘Just close your eyes and take a bite.’

Girl : ‘Sis!’ ‘If I catch the plague, why can’t I have a naartjie instead?’

Wife : ‘Naartjies don’t work’.

Girl : ‘Well Johnny’s brother gave him one when he was sick and he got better.’

Wife : ‘Well the farmer is not agreeing!’

Wife : ‘The farmer will buy you an ice cream.’

Girl: ‘Sis!’

Wife : ‘Your brother bit it and he’s fine and he’s got the pass to go on a holiday with us but you’ll have to stay behind.’

Girl : ‘Well Lucy bit it and she had a heart attack!’

Wife: ‘Oh just ignore that!!’

Wife : ‘You know we’ve had to stop working the farm and the farmer has had to take a loan to keep us alive. Take a bite and this will all be over’.

Then the farmer came to speak to the girl alone, and shared the vision of Santa Clause coming to live with them, and the pot of copper coins he would be rewarded for protecting them so well from the plague. And they wouldn’t need to work the farm anymore because Santa’s elves would do it all for them. And bring presents to their doorstep.

Girl : ‘You’re kidding? Whose been feeding you all this crap!? So what do I do all day?’

Farmer : ‘You can watch movies all day and all night, do I care?’

Girl : ‘When the the sun comes out and the snowman melts, and your coins go ‘poof’, you’re left with a carrot and two sticks, hey.’

Farmer : ‘One of us is going to have to leave this farm because you’re going to give me a heart attack!!’

On your marks….

I had a vision on the 19/9, it was quick. I saw the side view of a naked woman in space, lying on her back. She had brown skin and dark wavy hair. And I knew she was the harlot spoken about in Revelation. And gravitating towards her were blocks each in a primary colour. Blue being the one that stood out the most.




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