Time Travel

In April I wasn’t allowed to go to a job because I hadn’t had the mRNA substance injected into me to trick my immune system to make the spike protein. The rejection made me feel like ‘I was the virus’. But since my parents both had their second dose of the Pfizer, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have been shielding from them, since I had all their symptoms for a day or two.

My mum then went into hospital for four days with heart problems although she’s never had any health problems before. She is now on prescribed drugs for the first time.

I’ve been working at a job I’ve been to regularly, even during the lockdown last year. And they’ve assured me that they are being careful so as not to catch the virus and infect me even though they’ve had the jab.

I’ve only known two people who’ve had the virus, both in SA. They felt unwell for a few days. I sympathise with those that can’t breathe. I’ve had pleural effusion where I struggled to breathe until I had three litres tapped off my lungs. And I’ve had anaphylaxis which is really scary too.

I just think the best way forward is not to coerce anyone who chooses to rely on their God given immunity; or force anyone to put their trust in pharmaceutical companies who think they are god, and that YHWH, the only God Almighty, forgot to include the ability for our cells to make shape shifters.

We should instead be able to travel exclusively. Separate departure lounges and private planes. And destinations. And if we get the virus, stay in bed and take worm muti. And if they don’t want us to shop together, then we could have separate shopping malls. And new workplaces for creative jobs. We could even swap countries, who cares as long as it’s fair. And as long as Yeshua plays the game too. Remember He said He wasn’t going to go to the market and then He showed up. ‘Chips-chips’.

When I went through the portal late 2017, to the ‘other side’, not by lying in a coffin for three days or anything, I just went. And flew to Victoria Falls from Nairobi. On disembarking, we walked across the tarmac and entered directly into immigration.

A white man, who I think was an angel, just from his type, came from behind me and went to the left through what looked like a metal detector archway and around. For some reason I sensed I was to follow him, but didn’t. I never watched to see the rest of his route. I stood behind a few Chinese tourists at the immigration desk when a black man in a white suit, who seemed like an angel too, came up to the officer and spoke to him. The officer then asked the people he was dealing with to step aside and let me come forward to stamp my passport and let me through.

I waited for my suitcase and then went through security and was the only passenger left in the airport. There were two black men working there and a few white men further away watching me. And there were no cars or buses or taxis. So one of the workers called one for me. And while waiting, a large group of immigration and other staff came marching out as if they were doing a ‘walk out’. They said something to me because they said my name. But when you go up the Far Away Tree through the cloud into some strange land, you just want to pretend you haven’t noticed. And Victoria Falls was so bleak and empty. I had been there twice that year when it was buzzing. This was just weird. And I didn’t know how to get out.

I decided the only option for me was to be shot by a sniper. Preferably an Israeli because they are the best shots. I came up with this idea after my mum arrived just after the coup and told me that Moyo’s bodyguard was sniped by an Israeli, although I couldn’t find any report on it. So when my mum insisted I should go with her to the UK and I was still in Never Never land, I continued with the sole purpose of getting taken out. I was in an area of farms and no life. Not a soul. But if a helicopter flew over, I would shoot it with my camera to show them I can see them, so shoot me.

One day I was standing on a stile, shooting a landscape when a man suddenly came up to me, calling me, ‘Abbey! Abbey!’. I sensed to ignore him and kept looking straight ahead. So he left. And to my right I heard an angel calmly say ‘well done.’ Yes angels speak! It’s amazing that God gave them that ability too. I turned around to leave and on the side of the road, was half a man on his knees, sort of manoeuvring and the front half looked like a Rottweiler. So I marched up the road and stood by another farm gate that looked over a field and the next minute a C-130 came flying low towards me. So I snapped away. But it passed on by.

I then walked passed a farm entrance and a short haired border collie came dashing out, so excited to see me. She was racing ahead of me, then turning around rushing back to me, playfully. I crossed over the road. And she stayed behind. I didn’t blame her because I also sensed that was a ‘witchy’ area.

On my return, a lady had stopped in her car and was holding the dog by it’s collar. She asked me if I knew whose dog it was, as it looked scared and was sitting on the side of the road shaking. I said I know where it lives and I’ll take it back. So off we went when another lady stopped her car, and said she’d seen a Rottweiler and Staffordshire and do I know whose they belong to! Perhaps I was in ‘the land of the witches’ and certainly didn’t let her know that I had seen a shapeshifting Rottweiler. I just said no and that I was taking this dog home.

As I was turning into the farm, the dog grabbed the bottom of my jeans and tugged me away. So I continued walking for quite a way when eventually it sat on the side of the road and let me continue alone. I’ve never seen her again. There is one there who I had seen prior but it’s different looking and unfriendly.

In mid April I had a dream/vision just before I woke up. I heard the words, ‘I ask the questions’ and then I clearly saw four numbers 6833. Each number was on its own rectangular strip. Either on a black strip or white strip. The black and white was significant and the tone of the voice wasn’t one I recognised. It could have been that it was spoken in authority.

Nine days later, just before waking up, I heard, ‘Ezekiel to ask questions’. And three days after that, again just before waking, I heard, ‘I still ask the questions’.

Now back in 2016 I was in a hotel in London and a message popped up on the television screen, ‘Tell us your pin, we need to know you’re with us’, the message then flashed off and four dashes were left. So I phoned reception and asked what my pin was. I was told I don’t need one and to just put in four 0’s. Which I did and it left the screen.

View from the terrace of Woodfire, Stockbridge where Yeshua came to rescue me


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