Designed by Kim

I lost a job yesterday.  I’m not jabbed.  It happened right after God came through for my daughter.  Finding her a cute cottage to stay in which I had committed to pay monthly for.  I could have paid her rent for six months after working two weeks in my job. 

I also had my flight to Victoria Falls for near the end of May messed up due to flights being put on hold.  I could change it but would have to pay a 50% fee to change my hotel. 

I’m not being stubborn about the vaccine – I just have a drug intolerance.  And since the vaccine is to protect a person from going to hospital very ill with the virus then why should anyone care whether I’m not protected.  Surely a vaccinated person can get the virus and transmit it to another vaccinated person.  Just like if you got the flu vaccine.  When I kept refusing chemotherapy – the haematologist in London eventually told me to ‘go north of the river’.  Well maybe now I could be sent south of the Zambezi.

And I could get a place to rent and gather my granny’s furniture which is spread around Victoria Falls.  And then I’d work on my own as a Graphic Designer.  Maybe have a magazine proclaiming ‘God is Alive in Zimbabwe’.  And I’d change a village. 

I had another dream/vision a few weeks ago. I first saw a fox, then a pheasant and then an all white eagle trying hard to take flight off the ground except as it was flapping it’s wings – it’s feathers were falling out.

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