The Lord Is Coming

God made the earth to plant His seeds which grew into wheat. Satan – the enemy planted his seeds in amongst them which grew into chaff. At the time of the harvest the angels will take out the chaff first and throw them into the fire. Then the wheat will remain until the farmer returns. Matthew 13 : 12 – 30

Satan is the deceiver – the father of lies.  He came to steal – kill and destroy.  Satan has deceived those who do his will.  He is the opposite to God – he hates his children.  His children are like him – they deceive the world.  And steal – kill and destroy lives. 

I’m not sure what Satan tells his children to make them steal – kill and destroy.  It must have something to do with power and wealth.  Maybe the ones who have profited the most think they will one day rule the whole world.  But that can’t be since the chaff will be thrown into the fire before the Antichrist takes centre stage to try deceive the wheat and then the wheat will be harvested. 

The mystery of lawlessness.  Paul knew about it – it was the thorn in his flesh.  It is the thorn in mine too. Yeshua knew about it too, He told His disciples that He still has many things to tell them but they cannot bear them now.  But when the Spirit of Truth comes He will tell of what is yet to come.  John 16 : 12 – 13

It really started in September 2017.  One day I walked out of Dolce Crema, a coffee shop in Barnes and headed up White Hart Lane, when the power of the Holy Spirit came upon me.  That made me step aside to let a man pass.  I was intrigued why that happened so I followed him.  Thinking he must be an angel except that he had bandy legs.  He was striding along carrying a brief case and as he passed Annie’s restaurant he put out his hand to brush over the plants and looked up to the clouds.  Which is just what I did every time!  I became even more curious so I followed him across the road and just before the rail line he looked like he was going to turn left up the road but turned to see me then continued over the line.  I lost sight of him but heard a door slam shut. 

The next day I went with my client for his check up at a hospital.  His daughter dropped us at the entrance and went to park the car and while we were waiting near the reception, he said he wonders if she’s lost and then looked at me, smiling and said ‘up the M25!’.  I got a shock because I did that a few years back when I was driving Douglas Hurd except that I had never told my client the story.  Then while I was waiting with him in the ward, a message flashed on my cellphone screen.  I’d never seen that happen before and didn’t read it but when we were getting in the car a man walked passed me and said, ‘I know you saw the message Kim’.  

My client’s son and step brother had come to stay, from France and Australia.  I just knew something wasn’t right.  The things they were saying and how they were acting.  I packed my rucksack that night just incase.  Late in the night I woke to hear a strange murmuring sound.  The next morning I went into my client’s room and he sat up with dry blood which came from a scab on his head and down the side of his face.  He was acting odd and smiling.  His skin looked slightly grey like he was dead but alive.  And then I heard a loud voice saying ‘You should see the other two’.  And that was my call to get out.  

I walked so fast towards White Hart Lane and just before the rail line a man was striding along ‘pushing a pram’ which reassured me and as I stepped over the rail line I felt safe but not enough to stop.

It was like I had entered into a mysterious world.  The street was empty.  I went to the Dolce Crema and sat down with a latte and facing me was a man sitting two tables down. 

I didn’t know at the time but I was being led by the Lord.  Most of the time I was following the wrong clues.  I left the coffee shop but soon realised I was misled and turned around to see the man who was in the coffee shop turning up 2nd avenue.  So I went to follow him but when I turned up the road he was gone.  I could smell a strong scent of lavender which I took as a clue that I was on the right track.  I turned right at the end of the road and stopped outside a house when a lady came out.  She was short and elderly but looked different like a character from an Enid Blyton book.  The house next door had a racing bike with a kryptonite lock on and a box of Naked wine outside the door.  I went into the small gate and knocked.  Not sure why I was led there or what I would say if anyone answered.  I sat on the low wall.  Reading Isaiah. 

Eventually a couple with a little girl came out from the house to the left.  They were so sweet to me.  They had curly hair like angelic hippies.  I asked them if they knew where he was and they said they don’t think he stayed last night but phone him.  I sat on his doorstep and continued reading Isaiah. 

A postman came to put his mail through the door.  He looked gnome like.  Then the family next door came out where I had first seen the elderly lady leave.  An Asian couple with their son.  They spoke a foreign language.  They were suspicious of me.  And the father seemed a bit nervous leaving his gate – looking right and left up the street before leaving.  I opened a bottle of wine – took a swig and left. 

I went passed Rick Stein’s restaurant which was buzzing with the chatter of smartly dressed men standing outside having drinks.  And ended up back at the Dolce Crema for another latte.  It was full this time and sitting at a table outside the door, was a tall man with dark hair, drinking a green vegetable juice, smoking and he had a border collie with him.  He kept looking around at me.  I stood up – and so did he.  Except that I was standing to get another latte, so he sat down again.  Then across the road – I saw a man on a bicycle with a few curly haired little girls running alongside him and a border collie.  So I left thinking they were my next clue.  He was now sitting on a bench outside the White Hart pub.  I sat on the steps behind him.  He had curly brown hair with a tattoo on his left bicep.  His accent was more like South African but I can’t be sure.   The little girls, again who looked angelic, walked up the steps to the pub terrace smiling sweetly at me.  Their dog came running up to greet me.  I went into the pub for lunch.  During my meal I went upstairs to the loo.  I was going to peep into a room but then saw a pair of legs sticking out.  Scruffy black pants and black shoes and heard ‘Satan!’  I got such a fright and finished my lunch and left.

I walked over the bridge and kept walking not knowing where to go.  A message flashed on my phone – Tell us what you like – So I typed in Intimacy – meaning with Yeshua.  I caught  a train – the gates were open at the station I got off at so I didn’t pay.  It was dark and still looking for clues – I followed a guy with Titleist golf clubs – got on a bus but the driver said I had to pay.  So I got off.  Then a man – like an angel – I can tell them apart – gestured towards a cab by raising his right arm slightly sideways.  So I got in but didn’t know where to say I needed to go and got out.  Then caught another train. I followed another angelic hippie looking couple into an under cover parking and asked them where I could find a musician because I remembered a vision I had before.  They said go and ask the lady who is standing by the ticket machine.  So I asked a lady standing there and she told me where to go and gave me a £5 note. 

I went into the pub and there was the most incredible voice singing – live –  but I couldn’t see the musician.  The stage was empty.  A group welcomed me over and bought me a draught.  I sat down and they were dancing next to the table. 

I then went next door to McDonalds and had a coffee and while sitting there the postman who I saw in Barnes came in.  So I left.  And walked off into a quite suburb.  It was so scary but God kept telling me ‘Do not fear’.  I then came to a house with a tall black steel gate and sat outside on the pavement.  It was late into the night but a newspaper man arrived and put one through the gate and told me it’s normally delivered in morning.   I tried to read the headlines and left. 

I was really worrying because I didn’t know where to sleep but the next thing I knew it was morning and I was in an Industrial site.  Must have been like Philip in Acts 8 : 39 because I have no explanation for what happened in between.  The power of the Holy Spirit came upon me and I opened my bible to Luke 9 : 23 – 27 and read – repeatedly while stepping onto a street – down the middle and crossed over onto a pavement.  A white van pulled up and police jumped out and pushed me to the ground and handcuffed me.  I immediately went into a state of disassociation from the shock – like an impala caught by a predator.  They put me in the van and took me to hospital. 

I was in a bed for a while and then taken to a holding room to sit on a couch handcuffed for hours.  There was a male and female police officer with me.  The male looked like the one in the pub who had bought me the draught.  He was dancing like he did the night before.

A security guard came in with a few observers and pulled me briskly by my ankles onto the floor – so I kicked him.  Then they put me back up on the sofa.  Then a doctor came who looked like a psychopath and I was taken out in a wheelchair across a car park in the dark.  (I’m not sure where they took me from there because I have no recollection – I think they injected me as the next day I was so drugged and had an electrode on my shoulder blade). 

I arrived at midnight at the Lakeside mental health hospital. And spent the night on the floor outside reception. The first patient I saw during the night looked like a demon walking towards me. She was old but had a swollen tummy – like she was pregnant. And then another – just the same. And a third looked like a woman or a man – I couldn’t tell. I literally thought I was in hell. I fell asleep on the floor. I had to ask to ask for a bed the next night. And this is the NHS that people raise money and clap for. What was my crime? They had written in the report that they found me in a shopping centre – barefoot and disoriented! Why the lie?

The next day I went to get my blood taken.  The nurse couldn’t get any out – this has been a struggle since having chemotherapy.  And the support worker said – ‘You’re one of us, Kim’ and I looked away and there were NHS pamphlets in a display on the wall with a blue figure on and I thought ‘Oh flip – I’m an alien’.  Fortunately a doctor came to take my blood.  The mean support worker was there too trying to take my stats but reading them wrong.  So I corrected her and the doctor whispered – ‘Shhh Kim, paradise awaits you’. 

Angels came to my rescue soon after – I’ve written about it before.  They’re even smoother than Mossad.  The day I made an oil lamp at pottery was the day I was let out.  Driven in a black Mercedes with health bars and snacks and flavoured water.  Which reminded me of the time I was in hospital the year before due to the reaction I had to the neurotoxin – Prednisolone.  I was staying in the cancer ward and one evening two nurses asked me if I needed anything.  And I told them jokingly I would like a coke – Snicker and Salt and Vinegar chips.  At about 1.30am I rang the bell for them to help me and they arrived with my snacks.  I asked them where they got them from – they were quite shocked – and said they found them at the door.

The Mercedes took me to St Ann’s hospital in Poole which was like a hotel in comparison. And I wanted to stay. I told the psychiatrist my experience was like I was in something out of Divergent. He laughed and said everything is normal outside. I left after two days and it did seem like the real world again. But only for a week. Then while staying at The Royal Hotel in Bournemouth I went out to buy toiletries from Boots on the shopping parade – as I was leaving for Victoria Falls – and everything had changed again. There were few people around – airy and gloomy. And that was the theme for the 40 weeks of my encounter with the Spirit World. Either few people around or people walking in droves. And like people had to stay in zones except that I could go everywhere. And once I went into the Brass House in Bournemouth and whilst standing at the counter to order, I looked over at the television and it was the most brutal scene of police violence. It looked like London but I’m not sure – somewhere with steps and pillars. I can’t remember if they were using batons or shooting. But I was so shocked and looked away. But look today.

My experience might have been a combination of the model of the world’s system which isn’t biblical and therefore will never be versus the tribulation which is written.  Yeshua went through it in the desert for 40 days.  I could write a book about all my experiences which lasted 40 long weeks.  From the day it started up until my birthday next year 2021 it will be exactly three and a half years. 

In October I went back to Barnes to work.  The Dolce Crema has changed.  In April this year they moved the counter from the right side and built it on the left in front of the door.  Annie’s restaurant is no longer there.  It closed in August last year and is now a Thai restaurant. 

I wonder a lot about the spirit world and in 2018 I was looking on the internet and found this almost straight away –

Don’t need to listen – just watch the beginning

Watch the man waiting for the signal – which is the man wearing sunglasses to walk between them

Then watch ‘the two’ who they were waiting for and how a man wearing headphones comes in between from the other side and tells ‘the two’ they are exposed and they quickly turn away

Gosh – I wonder who ‘the two’ are? (Wink-wink)

I had a dream the other night – I saw war-torn buildings and heard three words – Rattlesnake, US and Paraguay.

Oh and Yeshua has told me to give another message ‘You’re PIN-ned!’

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