Big Witch

Ancient Greek for pharmacy means witch or witchcraft. The root meaning is poison.

Once upon a time a little girl was so badly traumatised. A spell was put over her mind to block the memory. The King from a faraway land heard what had been done to her and came to her in secret. He found her hiding behind a rock in the corner of her garden. When she saw Him approaching she ran to Him and He took her up in His arms and kissed her and her heart was set free from the fear.

The good witch couldn’t understand how the little girl continued to blossom. She spoke to the girl’s father which made him hate the little girl and keep her under submission. The good witch waited for her trauma to manifest to give the little girl the poisonous apple. But it never did.

The crocodile kept reminding the good witch that if the little girl doesn’t bite the apple the rock will be lifted and the witch’s true identity would be revealed. And the good witch worried that the little girl would remember what happened to her. So the good witch and her father continued with their craft. The worst was when they were mean to her two ponies whom she loved with all her heart. And eventually resentment grew inside the little girl and she became very ill. But she refused to take any poison for it.

The crocodile had had enough and tricked her to bite the apple by using a doctor to give her a sweet to make her better. The witch took her away to a foreign land and kept giving her the sweets. But it was poison and altered her brain. She couldn’t walk – or speak or think clearly. At the same time she found out that the witch secretly got rid of her ponies and her heart was broken too.

And then the crocodile came out from his den to snap at her. And she ran away and hid. A huntsman was sent to find her. She told him about the poisonous sweets she was given. But instead of protecting her the huntsman tied her hands together so tight that she screamed but he ignored her. And she was locked away and given poison that the big bad witch had made to keep her spellbound. But the little girl survived.

She was chased away from her land and into the secret woods. Where foreign folk are. She was afraid the crocodile would find her there so she ran in search of her King. The huntsmen found her walking along the path and threw her to the ground and tied her hands. She was taken prisoner once more and locked away. Her King sent in His men to rescue her.

Then she ran as far away that she could. And again she was locked away. The witch came to her. As well as her two ponies. But her ponies weren’t the same. They didn’t let her ride them or let her groom them.

The witch was furious to find out that the little girl was not taking the poison from the big bad witch and the ponies were blocking her until she did. So the witch called a doctor to inject her with poison. And she was locked away in her room.

After two days of being in lockdown the little girl said she would take the poison and was allowed to go out to play. But she became so ill that her body collapsed in shock. And she was taken back to her room to be locked away.

The witch took her back to the foreign land where the little girl kept getting caught by the huntsmen and locked away.

And she saw a few pony tricks along the way.

I think what the little girl was trying to say was this –

She doesn’t want your fucking poison!’

And when she screamed she was trying to say –

‘Your fucking handcuffs were too tight!’

You would think this was war.

Yeshua has told me to give you a message,


Micah 5 : 12 – 15

10-15 “The day is coming”
—God’s Decree—
“When there will be no more war. None.
I’ll slaughter your war horses and demolish your chariots.
I’ll dismantle military posts
and level your fortifications.
I’ll abolish your religious black markets,
your underworld traffic in black magic.
I will smash your carved and cast gods
and chop down your phallic posts.
No more taking control of the world,
worshiping what you do or make.
I’ll root out your sacred sex-and-power centers
and destroy the God-defiant.
In raging anger, I’ll make a clean sweep
of godless nations who haven’t listened.”

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