‘This is a STING’

Photo by Kim taken in Masai Mara

Have you ever seen a bee hive disturbed. The working bees go in a frenzy stinging everything in sight.

Judges 14:14

Hypothetically speaking,

The lion carcass is the system
The hive is the global economy
The queen bee is the deceiver
The drones are the secret societies
The working bees are the corrupt governments
The flowers are the citizens
The honey is money

And all this time the drones and working bees have been feeding a dead lion.

In the hope that they will have a new beautiful garden for their own one day with lots of pretty flowers all to themselves.

There is a fake lion about to be revealed. But all the drones, working bees and weeds who have received the third eye in their forehead or made an oath with their right hand to the queen bee won’t be here. They’ve already been deceived.

The Lion of Judah is coming soon to pick His wild flowers out from the garden and take them to His kingdom. The rest of the flowers that say they believe in His father will need to be tested first when the fake lion appears.

But right now the Lion of Judah is about to explode. You can’t contain His wrath. He’s seen how the drones and working bees have exploited His flowers.  Stealing them, selling them, uprooting them to foreign soil, surrounding them with weeds to strangle them or keeping them locked indoors in pots. When they were meant to grow wild and free for His pleasure alone. For Himself to water and feed.

Now listen carefully your lion is dead – it’s a system. The queen bee is laughing at you. You’ve all been fooled. For the taste of honey – you’ve chosen to spend eternity with the queen bee who has none.

The Lion of Judah is alive. He has the authority and power over every king, ruler, judge and system on this planet.

He’s coming for the hive.

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