Bee dying on Tel Aviv beach

Dear Dr WHO-ever

I was lying on my bed in my hotel room in Tel Aviv on the 20th March contemplating the symptoms of the Corona virus. When I suddenly had a gut instinct that perhaps the reason the people are dying is because their body is producing histamine which causes inflammation which then narrows the airways.

And therefore the treatment should include an ANTIHISTAMINE.  And in the case of anaphylaxis, EPINEPHRINE.

Just the same way as someone can get stung by a bee and only swell in that area but then another person gets stung and peptides dock onto the antibodies so the body releases histamine which causes inflammation which then blocks the airways.

When I had chemotherapy in 2016 at Bournemouth hospital I had an allergic reaction to the drug and couldn’t breathe and was given an antihistamine.

Anyway in Tel Aviv the next day I was tanning on the beach when I felt something on my back and reached behind to grab it off and squashed a bee between my fingers by it’s wings. It buzzed around on the sand for a bit with it’s insides covered in sand and then died.

So I thought perhaps this was a sign from Yeshua that I was on the right track.

Best of luck with your endeavour hey.

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