The System

You can’t control her
She’s not your pawn

You can’t own her
She’s been bought for a high price
By her King

You tried to break her

Locked her away to throw away the key
But she is free
She has a Redeemer

You left her penniless
But she is rich
She has a Provider

You can’t trick a mother
She knows her cubs intimately
They are like her

You taunted her on the other side with your ‘who are we’ 5G creatures
She’s smelt your groups of rotten lemons, dead rats, old person’s urine, cat’s wee and foul sweat. She’s seen you change from hu man to Rottweiler
Seen you appear from nowhere
Seen you shape shift to reptilian
Heard your Ravens
Heard you on TV
Must I go on

You seem desperate to be known
With your films and music
So there is ‘the other side’
And underneath your shell you are really ugly
Why keep it a secret

Or are you restrained by the One who has power over you

The question you should be asking is Who Are We?

You’re outnumbered

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