Tamba Tamba

Photo by Kim


May I tell you how boring this world is

Here we are waiting for you

To have any report of you

And we have to listen to whose bought the latest fighter jets

Or whose ship is in whose seas and whose swiping whose resources

And whose going to space

Gosh it’s boring

I want to know about you

Where do you live?

Where do you sleep?

Who prepares your meals?

And makes your clothes?

What do you do during the day?

While we hang around watching them play their games of pretend – pretend

Can you show us signs that you are playful

Trip the switch

Big Witch

Ancient Greek for pharmacy means witch or witchcraft. The root meaning is poison.

Once upon a time a little girl was so badly traumatised. A spell was put over her mind to block the memory. The King from a faraway land heard what had been done to her and came to her in secret. He found her hiding behind a rock in the corner of her garden. When she saw Him approaching she ran to Him and He took her up in His arms and kissed her and her heart was set free from the fear.

The good witch couldn’t understand how the little girl continued to blossom. She spoke to the girl’s father which made him hate the little girl and keep her under submission. The good witch waited for her trauma to manifest to give the little girl the poisonous apple. But it never did.

The crocodile kept reminding the good witch that if the little girl doesn’t bite the apple the rock will be lifted and the witch’s true identity would be revealed. And the good witch worried that the little girl would remember what happened to her. So the good witch and her father continued with their craft. The worst was when they were mean to her two ponies whom she loved with all her heart. And eventually resentment grew inside the little girl and she became very ill. But she refused to take any poison for it.

The crocodile had had enough and tricked her to bite the apple by using a doctor to give her a sweet to make her better. The witch took her away to a foreign land and kept giving her the sweets. But it was poison and altered her brain. She couldn’t walk – or speak or think clearly. At the same time she found out that the witch secretly got rid of her ponies and her heart was broken too.

And then the crocodile came out from his den to snap at her. And she ran away and hid. A huntsman was sent to find her. She told him about the poisonous sweets she was given. But instead of protecting her the huntsman tied her hands together so tight that she screamed but he ignored her. And she was locked away and given poison that the big bad witch had made to keep her spellbound. But the little girl survived.

She was chased away from her land and into the secret woods. Where foreign folk are. She was afraid the crocodile would find her there so she ran in search of her King. The huntsmen found her walking along the path and threw her to the ground and tied her hands. She was taken prisoner once more and locked away. Her King sent in His men to rescue her.

Then she ran as far away that she could. And again she was locked away. The witch came to her. As well as her two ponies. But her ponies weren’t the same. They didn’t let her ride them or let her groom them.

The witch was furious to find out that the little girl was not taking the poison from the big bad witch and the ponies were blocking her until she did. So the witch called a doctor to inject her with poison. And she was locked away in her room.

After two days of being in lockdown the little girl said she would take the poison and was allowed to go out to play. But she became so ill that her body collapsed in shock. And she was taken back to her room to be locked away.

The witch took her back to the foreign land where the little girl kept getting caught by the huntsmen and locked away.

And she saw a few pony tricks along the way.

I think what the little girl was trying to say was this –

She doesn’t want your fucking poison!’

And when she screamed she was trying to say –

‘Your fucking handcuffs were too tight!’

You would think this was war.

Yeshua has told me to give you a message,


Micah 5 : 12 – 15

10-15 “The day is coming”
—God’s Decree—
“When there will be no more war. None.
I’ll slaughter your war horses and demolish your chariots.
I’ll dismantle military posts
and level your fortifications.
I’ll abolish your religious black markets,
your underworld traffic in black magic.
I will smash your carved and cast gods
and chop down your phallic posts.
No more taking control of the world,
worshiping what you do or make.
I’ll root out your sacred sex-and-power centers
and destroy the God-defiant.
In raging anger, I’ll make a clean sweep
of godless nations who haven’t listened.”

Song of Solomon

There is a love story so beautiful

Written across the heavens

A lover so powerful who wants one thing

A kiss from His beloved

Have you trod on her toes?

Be warned!

He has put you in place

Have you used His resources wisely

To feed and clothe her?

Have you governed wisely

To give her shelter and protect her?

Buzz off!

This is only a dress rehearsal.


Purim parade in Jerusalem on the 11th March, my birthday


If there was ever a premeditated storm
To place the world in zones
With an evacuation plan
For those who don’t believe in the God of the bible

Can the all powerful God not catch them off guard
And send a tornado
Without an escape
For the church remains

To finish His written story



‘This is a STING’

Photo by Kim taken in Masai Mara

Have you ever seen a bee hive disturbed. The working bees go in a frenzy stinging everything in sight.

Judges 14:14

Hypothetically speaking,

The lion carcass is the system
The hive is the global economy
The queen bee is the deceiver
The drones are the secret societies
The working bees are the corrupt governments
The flowers are the citizens
The honey is money

And all this time the drones and working bees have been feeding a dead lion.

In the hope that they will have a new beautiful garden for their own one day with lots of pretty flowers all to themselves.

There is a fake lion about to be revealed. But all the drones, working bees and weeds who have received the third eye in their forehead or made an oath with their right hand to the queen bee won’t be here. They’ve already been deceived.

The Lion of Judah is coming soon to pick His wild flowers out from the garden and take them to His kingdom. The rest of the flowers that say they believe in His father will need to be tested first when the fake lion appears.

But right now the Lion of Judah is about to explode. You can’t contain His wrath. He’s seen how the drones and working bees have exploited His flowers.  Stealing them, selling them, uprooting them to foreign soil, surrounding them with weeds to strangle them or keeping them locked indoors in pots. When they were meant to grow wild and free for His pleasure alone. For Himself to water and feed.

Now listen carefully your lion is dead – it’s a system. The queen bee is laughing at you. You’ve all been fooled. For the taste of honey – you’ve chosen to spend eternity with the queen bee who has none.

The Lion of Judah is alive. He has the authority and power over every king, ruler, judge and system on this planet.

He’s coming for the hive.


Bee dying on Tel Aviv beach

Dear Dr WHO-ever

I was lying on my bed in my hotel room in Tel Aviv on the 20th March contemplating the symptoms of the Corona virus. When I suddenly had a gut instinct that perhaps the reason the people are dying is because their body is producing histamine which causes inflammation which then narrows the airways.

And therefore the treatment should include an ANTIHISTAMINE.  And in the case of anaphylaxis, EPINEPHRINE.

Just the same way as someone can get stung by a bee and only swell in that area but then another person gets stung and peptides dock onto the antibodies so the body releases histamine which causes inflammation which then blocks the airways.

When I had chemotherapy in 2017 at Bournemouth hospital I had an allergic reaction to the drug and couldn’t breathe and was given an antihistamine.

Anyway in Tel Aviv the next day I was tanning on the beach when I felt something on my back and reached behind to grab it off and squashed a bee between my fingers by it’s wings. It buzzed around on the sand for a bit with it’s insides covered in sand and then died.

So I thought perhaps this was a sign from Yeshua that I was on the right track.

Best of luck with your endeavour hey.

The System

You can’t control her
She’s not your pawn

You can’t own her
She’s been bought for a high price
By her King

You tried to break her

Locked her away to throw away the key
But she is free
She has a Redeemer

You left her penniless
But she is rich
She has a Provider

You can’t trick a mother
She knows her cubs intimately
They are like her

You taunted her on the other side with your ‘who are we’ 5G creatures
She’s smelt your groups of rotten lemons, dead rats, old person’s urine, cat’s wee and foul sweat. She’s seen you change from hu man to Rottweiler
Seen you appear from nowhere
Seen you shape shift to reptilian
Heard your Ravens
Heard you on TV
Must I go on

You seem desperate to be known
With your films and music
So there is ‘the other side’
And underneath your shell you are really ugly
Why keep it a secret

Or are you restrained by the One who has power over you

The question you should be asking is Who Are We?

You’re outnumbered


If Yeshua walked through Rome
Would He go to St Peters Square and hear the pope
Would He walk over St Angelo bridge and rejoice at the sight of the angels
Would He go along with the droves on a forced pilgrimage
Would He enter the temples
Would He stroll through the piazzas and marvel at the naked statues
And study the symbols
And wonder at the virgin idol
Would He visit the Vatican and view the art
Would He go to the ancient ruins knowing it’s cruel history
Would He look up at the obelisks and study the hieroglyphics
Or would He feel mocked

Of course not!
He can’t be mocked

Galatians 6:7
Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will reap.




In November I flew with Kenya Airways to Nairobi from London.

The last time I flew this airline was in October 2017 from London to Victoria Falls via Nairobi.  They didn’t serve drinks nor food on that flight.  There were no movies to watch.  Just slide shows of woman changing into panthers or whatever.   I think they use scrapped planes on the other side.

This time I stayed in Kenya.  I checked through immigration in Nairobi with an officer who thought I looked Kenyan.  I told him I spoke Swahili.

 I flew onto Mombasa and checked in early at the Voyager Hotel and whilst waiting for my room to be ready I went for a swim.  And met Nixon on the beach who was selling day trips to snorkel and see dolphins. And eat seafood on an island.  And Dida came up to me to offer me a massage at her beach shack.  I told her I would like my toe nails to be painted instead.


The following day Nixon met me on the beach to escort me to have my pedicure.  He is a Rastafarian but without the dreads.  He later became known as my bodyguard.  We walked along the beach and around the rocks with tiger crabs (which make you go deaf if you eat them).  I met a man carving wood into key holders and asked him if he could make me one in the shape of Zimbabwe with my name in the middle.

Dida’s beach shack is made out of reeds from coconut palms.   She was inside giving  a massage.  So Miriam laid wood on the sand and lit a fire to heat water in a pot to soak my feet.  Nixon and I sat on tree trunks around a low table with a colourful mosaic tiled top which drooped in the middle.  I stood up and hit my toe on the tree trunk and broke my baby toe.  Nixon jumped up to assess it while I rested my foot carefully on the cracked table.  Miriam left the fire to massage it with oil.   So the fire went out and she had to light it again.

We waited some more and watched a hermit crab in a shell crawling over the frying pan which rested against the tree.  Nixon joked that it wanted to be cooked.  I sat smoking a cigar while we discussed where we go when we die.  And Nixon told me about his Jewish friend he used to source charcoal for to export to Israel.  And who would take him to the synagogue and who he learnt to speak Hebrew from.  Until 2002 when terrorists blew up an Israeli-owned hotel in Mombasa and his friend left.

The water boiled and Miriam poured it into a large blue plastic dish on the sand.  We moved to plastic chairs under the scooping reed porch held up by sticks.  She held each of my feet over the sand – splashing the sand off before soaking them.  Then removed my nail polish and scrubbed my toes with an old tooth brush.  I sat quietly while she massaged my foot on her lap and watched the tooth brush swirling around in the plastic dish.  Nixon asked me why I was quiet and I told him that I was relaxed.  I gave Miriam my pink nail polish to paint my toes and she suggested I come back for a full body massage.


The following day Nixon was waiting to escort me for my afternoon massage but first I had to clear my case with the hotel duty manager as I got into trouble earlier by a man from the KWS for swimming in the sea with my snorkel and goggles.  I was supposed to pay for seeing creatures in the sea.  I told him there aren’t any and he told the pool attendant at the infinity pool that I was going to be arrested.  It turned out that he was new and the marine park is two kilometres away.

The rectangular shack is just big enough for four beds at each corner.  It’s open plan with no curtains and the floors are kept sand.  Before I arrived I asked God to make sure my dignity was kept.  There were two Dutch men being massaged on the two end beds which I was hesitantly brave about because I had my bikini on.  Miriam poured oil on my leg and then briskly whipped up one side of my bikini bottom and walked off to close the bottom half of the stable door leaving my right cheek exposed.

My body was stiff as she massaged my leg and I was trying to imagine if there was any way the two Dutch men could see me.  If they tilted their heads up the ladies giving them their massage would see.  But if they moved their eye balls up they might.  So I practised staring up and outside the stable door towards the sea and quickly pulled my bikini bottom down.

And relaxed for most of the next hour before I started calculating that if my pedicure was KS1 800 then I must have heard Miriam wrong when she told me the day before that it would be KS1 000 for a full body massage and that maybe it was KS10 000.  And wished I had never come.  I was so relieved that it was the equivalent of US$10 that I booked again for when I returned the next week from Masai Mara.


I caught a flight in a light aircraft from Mombasa to Masai Mara.  For the first leg of the journey I was alone with the pilot.  Who asked me if I was a billionaire from Zimbabwe.  We landed at Ukunda airport to pick up six more passengers and then landed at Malindi airport to pick up an additional two.  I got out the plane to find the pilot because I was hungry and hadn’t had breakfast.  He walked across with me to the airport to buy chips and asked me if I would like to fly with him in the cockpit.

For the rest of the flight I flew in the cockpit as ‘Co-pilot’.  I kept quiet the whole way not to distract him.  Only occasionally offering him sweets.  I sat staring at the instruments wondering how he sees where he is going as the dash is so high.  And thinking he might be bored because he only has to keep the steering straight.  I tried to work out all the instruments and hoped that my iPhone and iPad under my seat weren’t effecting them as they weren’t on flight mode.  I took photos of clouds and Mount Kilimanjaro with a snow cap.

We landed at Olkiombo air strip and I had nobody to meet me.  My camp got it mixed up.  Four Americans were to arrive later as they missed their flight the day before and I got dropped off by their guide at a nearby camp to wait for a guide to collect me.


Chasing buffalo off the air strip

I stayed in a luxury tent on the Mara River.  There was a thunderstorm on my first night, the first for the season.   I lay in my four poster bed covered with a mosquito net listening to the thunder and lightning.  I woke up to the sound of grunting hippo. Photos of my trip are on my Kenya – Masai Mara post.

Both times I went on a game drive I went alone with a Maasai guide in a jeep with open sides.  We stopped alongside lion, cheetah and elephant which were only a few metres from us.  We saw mating black rhino and my guide who had been in the area for 25 years had never seen that before and said I had brought him good luck.  I think I caught the equivalent of the Nyami Nyami (the Zambezi river God) in the Mara River on my camera too.


I went on a hot air balloon with 10 others and a Russian pilot who wore goggles.  I was late as my guide had to make a two hour detour as the river was flooded from the storm.  After we landed and had a champagne breakfast in the bush, the pilot showed us photos on his laptop of our trip.  I really wanted them but didn’t want to pay US$40 but then decided to although I didn’t have the cash on me.  He said I could give the guide the money when he dropped me off.

I got the USB stick and put it into my camp’s computer in reception and found that most of the photos were distorted.  I  phoned the guide and told him not to give the pilot the money and to collect the stick.  But at the same time I quickly downloaded a few and emailed them to myself.  I felt a little bit naughty but I really wanted them.


On my last day I went to lie in the sun at the swimming pool.  It is mostly surrounded by bush and I was alone.  After a swim I sat dripping wet on a hot glitter stone step next to a bush of pampas grass.  Lit a cigar and drank ginger beer.  And watched an army of ants marching across the stones.  And lizards basking in the sun.  I felt giddy inside because for the first time in so flipping long I felt the most real I’ve felt for years.  It was a familiar feeling like I would feel as a kid sitting with my cousin by the river on my gran’s farm or sitting outside with my kids when they were toddlers.  That was the absolute highlight of my entire trip.

Then I remembered the vision I had in September 2017 when I thought I had landed in hell, God showed me a beach, a tent and a lion’s eyes and I felt safe.  I got all three on this trip.  Confirmation that God had my trip in my mind even during my darkest hour.  He knew His plans for me.  Restoration.

The world’s system is designed to control and destroy lives.  

The Kingdom of God’s is a life of abundant joy and freedom.

When I returned back to Mombasa I went on the day tour with Nixon in a dhow from a port that arabs used to ship off slaves.  We saw eight dolphins and snorkelled for two hours.  Then had lunch on Wasini island and gave out pencils and sweets to the kids.


On my last day I went for my third full body massage in 10 days.  Then had fish and sadza in a beach shack made out of simbi with sand floors and wooden benches with long thin tables.  Nixon and I sat on the bench waiting for our fish to be cooked.  I gave him my bible to have as Yeshua had asked me to and went for my last swim in the sea while he stayed behind.  I whacked my foot on a whale’s rib bone which I kept.

Nixon poured water from a plastic bottle over my hands to wash and asked me to show him how Zimbabweans eat sadza, so I rolled some up in a ball in my hand and dipped it into the relish.  I’ve been doing this since a toddler when I shared meals with the cook.  We rushed back to the hotel as I had to leave for the airport.  I stopped along the beach and asked Nixon if he believes in Yeshua – he does and he believes me that I’ve seen Him too.  I asked if I could quickly baptise him in the sea although I had never done it before.  He gave it a raincheck.  I gave him my aqua blue snorkel and goggles and said goodbye.

I had a window seat booked on my flight back to London but asked God if he could please leave an empty seat next to me.  When I got to my seat there was a girl sitting next to mine.  I sulked a little until I realised that the air hostess was moving her to an aisle seat as she wasn’t feeling well.  We flew over the snow capped Alps where I will be landing in a few weeks time in transit to Rome for Christmas.

My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills.


A Love Letter to My Turtle Dove


Gentle steps


When I called out to you in a desperate cry did you rescue him?

And did you save her before I knew she needed to be?

And would you guard me as you have Israel?

And would you fight my enemy?

Your greatest commandment is that I love Elohim with my whole heart

I showed you when you sent me into the wilderness for 40 weeks to test me

Even once I had the knowledge of good and evil

I never hid

And Yeshua came to minister to me

Your second commandment is that I love you as you were me

I know you in my innermost being

I love that you are so so kind

You are so patient

You are such a gentleman

You care about every little detail of my day and never ever nag me

You are so wise yet you allow me to discover too

You’ve taught me to go even when I’m scared because I will have You to cling to

You exposed the lie and told me the truth

You’ve freed my mind and given me peaceful thoughts

You know my humour and make me laugh

You broke the chains off my heart so that I can sing what you’ve written on my heart

You’ve given me eyes to see and ears to hear

You speak to me throughout the day

I couldn’t spend one second of the day without you

You are my best friend

You search my heart and know my thoughts

Even in my darkest hour you kept me going and made it fun

You comfort me

Counsel me

Guide me and lead me and never let me fall

You set my plans and position me to fulfill the story my father has written for me

You never control

Only free me to love you with my whole heart

You never forsake me nor leave me

You chose yourself to create me

I have never been of this world

Your only purpose for me on this interim earth has been to serve you alone

To be groomed by you to fly away with you forever upto into heaven

To be presented as a gift to my Abba and Yeshua

My race is almost complete

Where is the finish line?














And you know me







Yeshua said in John 1:51 that we will see angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.

Hebrews 1:14 Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?

Jesus said in Matthew 26:53 Do you not think that I cannot now pray to my father and He will provide me with more than twelve legions of angels?

Psalm 91:11 – 12 For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.  In their hands they shall bear you up lest you dash your foot against a stone.

In 1998 I was living on a farm outside Mafikeng.  I had left the Arts Council to run my guest farm.  My parents had left their property next door and rented it out.  One night their house burnt down and my father then sold it to me which I tried to sell through an estate agent.  Business was slow and my phone line had been cut.  It was during this time that I started to pray every night for Yeshua to help me.  I believed in Him although I never knew Him intimately.

After a few months the property still wasn’t sold so I started trying to sell it on my own.  One day a black man came on foot to ask me if he could buy it.  He had recently received a retrenchment package from the prison and quickly bought it.

It took months for the transfer to come through when eventually I received the call from my lawyer to say that the money had been paid into my account.  I put on Alanais Morisette’s Thank You and sat under my desk crying.  It’s the first time I really felt Yeshua showing me His power.

I drove to the bank and withdrew enough money to pay my phone bill.  I was soaring when I walked into Telkom.  There was a queue at the counter and standing at the back of the line was a blonde man who stood out.  In all my life I had never seen such a man in person – in a magazine – or on screen. He was too good looking and dressed in a stylish suit.

Which could have resulted in me walking straight passed and through the – Staff Only – door and up to the first desk.  I was too excited for them to chase me out.  After they had sorted out my bill I looked up and the gorgeous man was standing inside with me a little away from the desk with his legs slightly apart and his arms folded – smiling at me.  I left floating.  This was the first time I had seen an angel.

In Mafikeng if there was a tent next to a police block I would drive over pavements to reroute.  As they took your license and looked up on a computer if you had any outstanding fines which you had to pay on the spot or have your car impounded.

One day I was driving out of town along the open road back to the farm when I reached a roadblock with a tent.  I was trapped and casually told my daughter I’m going to prison as I had at least six outstanding fines. Only to be met by a tall black man with an American accent – this was Mafikeng.  The Tswana people are short and lighter skinned.  He was very friendly which was unusual and he didn’t even take my license to be checked and let me go through.

Another time I was on the farm when a black man was calling me from outside my electric gate.  My daughter was with me and I walked up to the gate praying.  He told me that he had seen a child’s bicycle in the bush along the road.  So I naively asked him if he could fetch it for me.  I think he actually wanted me to go out with him.  When he brought it back – it was my daughter’s bike.  I took it and thanked him.  But then his eyes changed – they became glossy – like when someone has smoked pot.  He started to walk towards me – saying he wanted an Afrikaans wife.  I told him I’m Zimbawean.  And then he started to fumble off backwards into the thorn tree behind him – he looked in shock and then turned and ran away.  I was perplexed but I am sure he saw an angel standing behind me.

One night I was alone with my daughter on the farm.  I had two other cottages which I rented out and both tenants were away for the weekend.   We were asleep in my bedroom which fortunately a year prior I had put in burglar bars and a security gate.  The rest of the house had no security.  Around 2am someone entered my home through the kitchen window and turned on all the lights.  Knowing that we were all alone and no threat.  He went through my rondawel making a huge racket.  This was one of my fears and yet I had no fear.

Just as well cell phones were around then and I calmly phoned my daughter’s teacher who lived in town to call her brother who lived on the farm next door to me.  Her cellphone was in the lounge but she had just got up to go to the kitchen to get water when she heard it and was able to phone her brother.  Whose phone was on silent next to his bed but his Jack Russell was in the house as it had recently had surgery and needed to be let outside.   He had been ignoring his dog’s prompts so it jumped onto his bed and bit him.

When he got up using his cell phone as a torch he noticed the call coming in and was able to respond.    He drove up to my fence where he saw about seven black men standing by my car.  And fired a shot which dispersed them and sent the one in my cottage back out my kitchen window.

My other two cottages had been broken into too.  I got burglar bars and security gates fitted in my rondawel that day.  And a few days later I was in my cottage and sensed that I was being watched from the bush.  I locked all my doors.  And that night the other two cottages were robbed again.  Some of their stolen goods were found at a house in a nearby location which belonged to criminals who had recently gone to jail after raping and torturing a woman in Coligny.  They were in prison in Coligny but had escaped and then murdered a farmer and raped his wife in Lichtenburg and stolen their bakkie.

A few days after the burglary I was walking with my daughter to the pit to throw away rubbish.  When I faced my second worst fear.  As I was approaching the pit I sensed danger – it was like a buzzing sound around me.  When I came to the pit there lay a puff adder on the other side which then slowly slid away.

This all happened just after I had thought I could settle in Mafikeng since I was getting paid well and my daughter was in a good school.  But God had other plans.  For me to return to Zimabwe and then later on to come to the UK.

In 2016 one evening in the UK I was trying to get back to Verwood from Bournemouth but had missed the last bus.  I was on steroids for cancer which my haematologist was weaning me off since they had made it difficult for me to concentrate and to talk without stuttering.  The bus at the stop was showing  X3 Salisbury.  I asked a tall black man standing on the pavement if he knew how I could get back to Verwood – he smoothly glanced over to the bus and said that one is going to Verwood.  The bus had changed from Salisbury to read Verwood.  I rushed to the bus – a couple were in front of me and asked the driver for tickets to Salisbury.  He was annoyed and said the bus isn’t going to Salisbury.  And they said ‘you’re joking’.  But he wasn’t – the route had changed.

About a week later I was taken to Bournemouth hospital because of my reaction to steroids (Psst blog).  My first night in the cancer ward I saw a man standing at the reception desk.  He stood out to me so I knew he was different.  He had a lovely smile.  A couple of days later I had a drip in my arm which suddenly became very sore – it felt like the needle was twisting in my vein.  I was calling the nurses to take it out and just then my mother walked through the door – I screamed in fear.  Then the man I had seen at the desk that night rushed in and sat down on the bed next to me and said,

‘Kim you’re scared of snakes – aren’t you?’  I was quite stunned that he was actually beside me but calmed down.

He then walked out and told my mother who was standing in the passage,

‘Don’t worry she’s just scared of snakes.’  And rushed off.  My mother said he had the kindest eyes.

A day or two later when the Pulse staff were trying to force me to take medication – I told them we needed to compromise.  I needed to tidy my room first.  A nurse was helping me make my bed but that same man was standing in my room too and briefly tucked the sheets in at the end of my bed.  I was too shy to look at him as I knew he was holy.  When I was back in the same ward having chemotherapy I asked the nurses if they knew who he was and none of them knew who I could be referring to.  Just as well my mother saw him otherwise I would have thought I made him up.

In 2017 when I was ‘down the rabbit’s hole’ and thrown into hospital I had phoned 999 because the black staff were banging on my bedroom door screaming at me.  The next day I was sitting in my room when I heard some men outside my door.  They were talking to one of the staff – a white guy who didn’t like me – telling him they had come to change my bedroom lock.  He told them it wasn’t my lock but the room next door’s that needed to be changed.  They insisted it was mine and knocked on the door – I was sitting reading ‘Becoming my Beloved’ and they looked into my room and said ‘Ah yes’.

I was asked by the staff in a jittery tone if I would be able to give these men time to change my lock – so I left my room.  And when I walked passed with my head down one of them gently  said ‘thank you’.  I went to the toilet and heard him outside my door say ‘Don’t worry darling – we’re the only ones with the key’.   Then they said to the staff that it was in fact the room next door that needed to be changed and proceeded to change that lock too.  I was standing in the reception area reading the notices when they walked passed me to leave.  And caught their reflections.  They walk with holy authority – just the way you would imagine Yeshua doing.  I soon left to accomplish my mission.

When I was at Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia I was sitting at the bar having lunch.  Next to me was a lady and on her otherside was an American man.  For some reason this man had been trying to get my attention days prior by telling me how rich we could be.  I was ignoring him.  He had said ‘Come on Kim – ‘Skinny’.  Which was the name I had given my rabbit I had with me at Bournemouth Hospital.

Anyway this couple were annoying me – talking complete nonsense – they do ‘down the rabbit’s hole’.  I had had days with this and eventually spoke up and said ‘Shut up!’.  Immediately a group of men sitting in the bar lounge stood up and one said ‘Christian! That’s her favourite author – John Eldredge.’ As I had my laptop open on Ransomed Heart.  I caught their reflection in the glass of the drinks cabinet.  I turned to watch them leave and again they walk with holy authority and I wanted to go with them.  I asked the waitress where they were going as I was trying to get out of the spirit world and she said they come back at 4pm.

One day in Stockbridge I had gone to the Co-op and there was a Chinese lady paying at the counter who said loudly ‘I smell fish’ when I walked passed.  She had a strange toddler with her – a white girl with weird blue eyes who stood in my way and looked up at me.  There are few children in the spirit world but when there are, they are very young and really strange looking.  I told her to ‘scoot’ and walked out and turned onto the pavement.  A man with hair just like mine came striding towards me.  He was exciting because he was in jeans and a t-shirt but still in authority and as we walked passed eachother it felt like we were on the ‘same page’.  He looked like he could have been my twin brother.  Again he was not like anyone I had seen before.   I thought it might be Yeshua and felt a bit shy that I was instead supposed to have been loving Him like a brother and not so love sick chasing Him to Africa and back.

But I was right because Yeshua did show up about a week later and He out of all the angels I have seen over all these years – is even more gorgeous (Lion Of Judah blog).  He is masculine and the most handsome but yet He has an inviting mysteriousness which only a woman has but He is in no way feminine.   It’s really hard to explain because I have never experienced that in a man before and it matches the very sensation I have in my spirit when I have that longing feeling.

As real as heaven and hell are – so is the spirit world.  You can see into the spirit world with drugs or trauma.  But you can also physically enter it – that’s the big ‘scientific secret’.  I had The Holy Spirit leading me all the way through and I was surrounded by Holy angels to protect me throughout – so many times they stood in to get me through it.   They have tremendous authority.  My goal was to find Yeshua and it started with the sense of urgency that the rapture was imminent.

When we leave the Holy Spirit does too – He is the Restrainer.  And then I can only imagine that the spirit world will meet with the real world during the tribulation.  Institutions won’t have space to imprison those left behind on earth – who will be driven mad by what they experience – only camps will.

2 Kings 2:16 Do not be afraid for those who are with us are more than those who are with them

Brexit – A Conundrum

I arrived on an assignment in Westminster a few days before Boris Johnson announced to prorogue Parliament which brought out demonstrators in London.

I had left my camera at home and had to pay £144 for it to be couriered overnight.  Instead of packing my charger, my dad put my external DVD player in the box and my camera was flat.

I paid the porter to take my battery to a camera shop in Victoria for them to charge for an hour before my break.  Then had two hours to photograph a demonstration before rushing back to my job with The Baroness, an ex peer from the House of Lords.






The UK vote to leave the EU

Theresa May and the EU agree with a deal

The MP’s reject the deal

So there is no deal

The date to leave extends

And extends

And extends

And extends

To make a deal

When there is no deal

Referendum – Rejection – Extension

And now they want

Extension – Rejection – Referendum

I’d be surprised if the EU don’t give the UK up

For adoption





She stood on her own.

You see she’d been prepared for this for a long time coming.

She was born into a war.

She learnt to steal sweets at around four knowing that believing in fairytales wouldn’t get her far.

In her teens after school she would enter a shop – grab a string of Caramello Bears and walk out.  Or fill a motorbike helmet. Or collect donations using a pencil then rub it out and spend the money on sweets.  And jump trains to go to the beach.  Or bunk out after midnight and hitch to nightclubs and fake her age to get in.  She learnt to be streetwise.

She dreamt of being free and travelling the world.

And didn’t get far.  She ended up in the desert for survival techniques.  With a little boy who was good and wise beyond his years.  With a brilliant mind and natural talent.  Her little warrior.

Who stopped her from climbing an electric fence one night after her bakkie broke down when they had to walk for hours back to the farm.  And who would stand guard while she sneaked around at night to switch her neighbour’s water pipes to fill her windmill tank.  And try to prevent her going out on her own at night because she would drive home with the white lines swirling across the road.

After her debauchery ended she was allowed to have a gift – a daughter.

Who had tantrums – bored easily – was stubborn and cheeky and would rather play more than anything else.  Full of character.

She tagged along with her to all night prayers at a Nigerian church – to missionary school – to work in an orphanage in Mozambique.  She lay by her side when robbers broke into their home one night.  She sat with her through flat tyres – breakdowns and getting stuck driving through the mud whenever it rained.  She’s walked with her across borders.  All for her to learn to keep pressing on.

Her daughter walked off in high heels and left her to face barrenness alone.  And like the Rose of Jericho she sprung up to face the storm alone by chasing after her King.



I was persuaded off the street in the Old City of Jerusalem to go into a shop to buy jewelery. I met the Arab owner inside who invited me into the back for a Cuban cigar and espresso and model in a Bedouin wedding dress. He then asked me out to dinner on a rooftop of a fancy restaurant to smoke cigars and drink the finest brandy – I gave him a raincheck. He insisted he would chase me back to Zimbabwe so I had to confess I was in love with another man whom I have known for a long time and only once seen. (Lion Of Judah blog).

Kum Ba Yah

Old City taken from the top of the Tower of David

I went for a walk in the Old City of Jerusalem yesterday and landed up in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and fell into the line to enter where Jesus’ tomb lies. Coming out from the tomb I noticed a huge painting which I studied in confusion. A Russian orthodox who works there came up to me so that I could ask him –

‘Whose the lady sitting on the throne?’


‘And whose the man sitting on her left?’

‘It’s Jesus’

‘But he has a head on his lap!’

‘That’s John the Baptists’

‘And whose the baby on Mary’s lap?’

‘That’s Jesus’

‘And what’s the crown floating above Mary’s head?’

‘That’s Mary’s because she’s the highest of all’

What the flip.

He took me on a personal tour and showed me a door that led underground to one of the first churches. I found that the most interesting and asked if we could go down. He said he doesn’t hold the key and only prominent church leaders are allowed. I asked what they do down there but he wasn’t sure.

Last night Yeshua gave me a song to sing in Swahili or a mixture of African words.  I don’t know Swahili but I pray and sing tongues in Swahili.  I write as I pronounce but not sure if I spell correctly. 

Omundungole tulenununga kombanako

Komana kubuluta

Lenda gunumo humbaga kumba

Suna nunga lelula

Humbadushe nduva kovuna

Kumbosuna kombana

Kumbokuledela sole fa





Lion Of Judah

I love sirens. In May I took a ride in an ambulance at a speed of up to 90mph in a 50 zone, from a town in Essex to Queen’s Hospital in Romford. Every other time I’ve been in an ambulance I’ve been captive. This time I felt like part of the crew. I had called 999 as my elderly client’s hand had gone numb. The paramedics arrived in 8 minutes and her BP was 194.

After I left my assignment I had a break inbetween to fit in pampering appointments and play my first game of golf in the UK, with an ex-farmer from Zimbabwe who lost his farm during the land invasions.

And my ILR permit for the UK arrived so I could finally book my flight to Israel.

I am now in an assignment just outside Salisbury for a lady who lived in Israel for some of her youth, as her father was a Colonel in the British Army during the British Mandate after the Balfour Declaration.

It was from here that I went to my visa appointment at the Israeli Consulate in London. As I’m a Zimabawean. The official who did my security check remarked that few white people are from Zimbabwe. I proudly told him that my Great-Great granny was of Jewish heritage. Their surname was changed from Roth to Reid to hide their identity.

As a married woman she went to Botswana as a missionary, as well as my other Great-Great granny from Prussian nobility who went as a missionary wife to Matabeleland. And eventually their son and daughter married eachother. I told him too that the Queen of Sheba was from Zimbabwe.

I didn’t tell him that I’m madly in love with the greatest man alive who was born a Jew. And that He has asked me to go (Kiss Catchers post).

My visa came a week later. And now I have butterflies in my tummy.

It’s the anticipation. It reminds me of when I was in Std 1 at Riverside Primary School in Gweru and a popular boy from Std 5 asked me to kiss him on the field when it’s the break time. I had to put my hand on his open palms like it were the bible and promise I would. I must have sat through class anxious that the school bell would ring because I then chickened out on the field.

And now I’m tiptoe-ing to the field.

Not too long ago I was boldly chasing after Yeshua – swearing things like if He doesn’t come get me ‘I’ll buy a box of cigarettes and stick one between each finger and smoke them altogether’ – the worst threat I could come up with when I was in Victoria Falls (Arrest Jesus post).

And then in May last year after posting On The Hunt, I was sitting all alone on the patio at Wood Fire in Stockbridge, having a brandy and smoking a cigar, which fortunately I had just put out.

When He showed up.

I instantly recognised Him like I’ve always known Him. He looked like He had just stepped off the page of a men’s style magazine. His shoulder length hair flowing as he strided towards me. His eyes were wild and His smile told a story. I felt like a giddy school girl. But then He turned and pulled out a chair a few feet away at a table to the side of me. I was facing towards the road and I could feel He was watching me – knowing I’m too chicken to look at Him. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen. You couldn’t possibly compare Him to anyone. He is God. And I know this because I was awestruck. It is His Glory. I could sense it. He is indescribable! Captivating! My heart was pounding. I was fighting so hard not to collapse. I know now that I couldn’t stand in His presence and not fall at His feet. My heart was on fire with burning love that I could hardly contain. And then after about a long minute, He calmly said ‘Go now’.

He had come to rescue me. Nothing is impossible for Him (Matthew 19 : 26)). I think I had got myself into big trouble ‘down the rabbit’s hole’ by breaking all the rules. But I didn’t know what the rules were. I was only told by one of the managers at Royal Livingstone that there are rules in the spirit world as I was being cheeky.

Hence all my arrests.

When I was at Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia in October 2017, I was sitting on the veranda eating breakfast. When a dark presence came from behind me – locking me down and making it difficult for me to keep my knife and fork steady to eat my egg and bacon. I pretended it wasn’t effecting me – clinging to my spirit to ward it off. I stood up after to turn and look the enemy straight in the eye, to let him know I mean war. And sitting there on his own is the bloke who ‘rules the top of the map’.

It’s not my fault I saw him. I didn’t even want to be there. I had no idea how I fell into that world in the first place – with no warning that it even existed. But my Abba Father sent me for a purpose. I guess his father sent him as well.

I was in that world for just over nine months. I think there is a time limit there which I way exceeded. I don’t know how it works – so I didn’t know how to get out. But anyhow I’m a highly trained professional something now – I’m not sure what. I wished I was a proper journalist and knew what my assignment was. And had a PA to help me be better organised. Then I would have had a full blown story. I am a brilliant actress though. And I’m so brave because that was so flipping scary sometimes. I wish it for no-one I like, except I don’t know who I like anymore. Maybe John Eldredge – and I’ll start my list from there because he really knows Yeshua.

Yeshua has asked me to go to Israel except I put a condition on it – that He must chase me this time. But now I’m worrying He will. Because I wrote ‘to play kiss catchers’ and those were my words not His and He is clearly reading my blog and might take me up on the offer. Since I was the one hunting Him and He caught me off guard at Wood Fire.

I’m just going to float on the sea – swim with dolphins – get pampered – explore – mind my own business.

And if He does arrive unannounced again – He has to take me with Him this time.

Else I will shoot Him.

With my camera.






Out Of Africa


When I was 16 my mum took me to the movies to watch Out Of Africa.  After that I wanted to be Karen Blixen’s successor.  I loved her house – adventure – bravery.  The romance and the music.

My life never quite turned out that way.

Except that Yeshua has given me a phenomenal gift – I speak fluent Swahili when I pray in tongues.

I’m heading off to Israel as soon as my UK residence permit comes through the post. Until then I have to wait to play kiss catchers with Yeshua. (Blog Kiss Catchers)

I continue as the pawn on the chess board.  With Yeshua as the King.

My latest assignments have been to a Jewish lady in Hampstead whose son is a judge.  Where I learnt how to keep Kosher.  I then returned to a client in Hertfordshire whose stepson is great friends with MP Iain Duncan Smith.  After that I went to a job in Berkhamstead to a Freemason who used to be a vet.

On one of my days off I went into London to watch Tolkien at the Curzon in Victoria Street.  On Christmas Eve back in 2014 I had watched Hobbits with my daughter there when she came on her first visit to the UK.  And where I watched Mary Poppins Returns on Christmas Eve 2018 alone.

Prior to watching Tolkien, I went to lunch at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant on Victoria Street.  I was expecting silver service but instead was rebuked for moving tables to a station they weren’t serving.  I moved because the table next to me was too noisy and my head was pounding.

On paying my bill I hesitantly asked for a proper explanation as to why I wasn’t allowed to sit where I chose.  I had previously been arrested at Real Greek Restaurant, Bournemouth with the excuse that I was ‘disturbing the peace’ when I was actually arguing my bill with the arrogant manager who was disturbing my peace. (Blog Because I’m Worth It).  But then this was during the nine months I was sent undercover down the rabbit’s hole to spot all the mad hatters.

Jamie’s burger was the best I have had and then a week later Jamie’s restaurants closed.

I then had a few days inbetween assignments which gave me the chance to vote for the EU Parliament.  I knew I was going to vote for Nigel Farage but couldn’t find his name on the ballot paper and confirmed with my dad that he was UKIP.  I almost swore after when I realised he was Brexit Party.  Perhaps they could just rub it out.  If Zimbabwe used pencils they wouldn’t have to intimidate voters.

I’m now on an assignment in Essex having taken over a job from a Ndebele lady from Zimbabwe.

Abba is a great story teller.




In 2009 I went to Kedesh Orphanage, Beira Mozambique with my daughter.  It was part of my outreach after my YWAM DTS at Media Village in Fish Hoek, Cape Town.  We were supposed to go to Uganda but I chose my own solo mission.  My leader, Kobus Mouton was so infuriated but I went any way.

Then poor John Wickes who ran the orphanage had to put up with me for a whole month.  I was mostly out amongst the villages on a mission with my daughter.  We had made little colourful bead bracelets with a label reading ‘tu est moito bonita’ – you are very beautiful.  Which we gave to little girls in the village.  And took lots of photos.  Always having a group of orphans sent by John to follow us from a distance to make sure we were safe.


Kiss Catchers


Jesus has invited me to Israel.

We are two pieces left on a chess board.

He is the King and I am His pawn.

The first match begun on the 9th September 2017.

1/ABBA Father put His pawn across the railway line which crosses White Hart Lane, Barnes.

His evil opponent quickly snatched Abba’s pawn off the board.  Thinking Abba wouldn’t notice – but He did.  And sent His troops to fetch her back.

2/ABBA then put His pawn on the Kenya Airways flight at terminal 5, Heathrow, 8th October 2017 and sent her to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

3/ABBA walked His pawn across the bridge to the Royal Livingstone Hotel, Zambia on the 11th October 2017.

4/On the 15th October 2017 ABBA brought His pawn back to Victoria Falls and put her on a bus and sent her to Troutbeck, Nyanga.

ABBA’s opponent tipped his king and resigned from the game.

Nine months later on the 1st July 2018, Abba brought her back from the other side of the railway line.  

A rematch begun on the 3rd December 2019 between ABBA and player B.

And when I get across the board to where the evil king is – I get to play kiss catchers with Jesus.

1/ABBA put His pawn at the Barclay household.  No relation to the Barclay twins who own Breqhou Island.

2/ABBA put His pawn in Hammersmith, at Vanessa Redgrave’s old house next door to where the brother of the Barclay twins once lived.  His pawn was in Hammersmith exactly seven years earlier on an assignment with Douglas Hurd.

3/ABBA moved His pawn to Winchester exactly seven months after she escaped and abandoned her client’s car at Winchester University.

4/ABBA moved His pawn up to Westminster to work for a South African Jew.  It was during the vote on the BRexit deal in mid-January this year.

Then He gave me 16 days off to go to my court hearing – write my Life in the UK test – have my wisdom tooth out and do my English test.

5/ABBA moved His pawn across to Cambridge on the 13 February to the same job she was in exactly two years ago when her Psst! Article was first written for Matador U.  

Where I found a knitted hippo in my bedroom drawer made in Zimbabwe by a shamwari called Laizah, who knits for Gogo Olive and who chose to call her mvuu (hippo in Shona) – KIM.  And nobody knows who left it there.

During  my Hammersmith assignment, I had Christmas off and checked into the Premier Hub in Westminster on Christmas Eve, with a bad cold and spent Christmas Day dosing myself with brandy – lemon and honey.

I had to cancel a lunch invitation and spent my first Christmas alone.  Sherlock Holmes was fully booked so I walked over the footbridge towards the London Eye.

There was a man kneeling on the ground at South Bank, switching a ball under three cups with great speed.  He had a wad of cash in his hand.  People were betting to guess which cup the ball was under.  It was so obvious where it was but the players were getting it wrong and losing their money.

I went and drew £50 and went in with a guy as the bet was up to £200.  We both agreed which cup the ball was under and he had his foot on top to prove it.  The cup was lifted and the ball was missing.  A man standing behind me told me not to play as they are all friends and he steals the ball from under the cup.  I walked off in shock and burst into tears.  Deception is so evil.

There were two similar groups on the way to Westminster Bridge – I stopped to observe their feeble acting.  It’s clear whose who in the zoo when you take your eye off the ball.

I asked one of the gang leaders where he was from and he said Torchia.  I had never heard of Torchia and asked if that was below Russia.  He had never heard of Russia and disappeared into the crowd.

To end off Christmas I sat at the Blue Boar Smokehouse eating a hamburger and reading the whiskey labels in front of me – Dalmore whiskey I knew since I had a job with Mrs McKenzie in 2012, who used to own it.  And  Johnny Walker’s Blue and Black reminded me of a bottle of  Johnny Walker’s White Label, I saw at the pool bar of Victoria Fall’s Kingdom Hotel on Christmas Day last year.

At my Westminster job I asked a policeman on the street outside parliament if he knew about the gambling that goes on at South Bank.  He did and I told him that they tricked me and I lost £50 on Christmas Day.  He asked me why I would be playing that on Christmas Day.   I asked him why they can’t stop them and he told me it’s because the gang make a lot of money doing it and warn each other before the police get there – even if they are undercover.  While they are openly committing a crime of deception?

On finishing my job I caught the 87 bus to Clapham on the wrong side of the road and ended up in Aldwych.  I walked to a bus stop at Trafalgar Square and stoodby as Theresa May drove passed in her silver grey Jaguar with blue bumper lights flashing.

I then had a small claims court hearing before District Judge Trigg at the County Court in Guildford, claiming my outstanding invoice from Rachel Townsend, as housekeeper for her father.  She was counter-claiming for eight days parking fines and nine days storage at William’s Garage, Winchester after I parked her father’s car in the staff parking lot at Winchester University and left my job during a call to escape.

I was arrested for this (Because I’m Worth It blog post).  In my interview at the Basingstoke police station I was told, together with my solicitor, Richard Dawes from Taylor Street Solicitors LLP, that the car had been stolen and spotted in Wales.

At my court hearing I challenged the £330 storage fee because if it had been stolen and was being held for forensic investigation – there are no charges during this time.  But Rachel Townsend disagreed that it was stolen and Judge Trigg wanted proof that it was.  So I have written to Michael Lane, the police commissioner at Basingstoke, asking him for that in writing.  Because police don’t lie.

The photo prints Rachel Townsend submitted, were to prove that I had damaged the car and owed them £745.20, for an old ding on the front bumper.  This was there prior to me starting the job and is probably why they won’t submit a claim to their insurance company.  The car looks like it has been cropped out and superimposed to show it was at a garage.

I was also asked to pay £20 for cleaning the inside of the car.  The photo print shows a clear bag with green ‘slush’ in and a clear lunch box with food in.  Neither of which I’d seen before.  I told the judge who immediately shut me up.  But I’m still so curious.  I can see my jeans on the seat together with my black jacket.  But I only got my jacket returned.  And Rachel denies seeing my jeans.

It’s my birthday tomorrow.  I wanted to spend it in Israel but instead I have to stay in the UK as my ancestry visa is about to expire and I must remain whilst my ILR visa is being processed.

I am going as far north of England that I can go without a passport.

Orkney Islands.

My Great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Hepburn nee Reid was born in Westray, Okney in 1843.   She married James D Hepburn, who studied at the London Missionary Society.  They journeyed to Africa in the 1870’s to be Khama III’s (Botswana) missionaries for 25 years.

Their son, Tom Hepburn married Erica Helm who was the daughter of my Great-great grandparents, Rev Charles Helm who had also studied at the London Mission Society and who married Elisabet von Puttkamer, a Prussian noblewoman.  They served King Lobengula as missionaries in Matabeleland in the Mid 1800’s.

With amazing courage they travelled to Africa by ship and then through the wild African bush for six months by ox wagon with their babies, so that they could teach the gospel to tribal kings and their people.  They learnt their language too.  Their long and brave journey made it possible for me to be born in Zimbabwe but I wish I could have been as brave and adventurous as them.

I know King Jesus, the God of Heaven and earth is so wild and beautiful and I think He should choose the whole of Africa to rule and since it is already joined to Israel – He might as well take the whole lot. I think Headquaters should be in Zimbabwe aka Teapot Land.  Then He could have the waterfalls and mighty rivers and all the elephants and lions too.  And all the jewels.

He owns it all anyway – so He can decide.

And make it all new.

He’ll stand upon a rock overlooking Victoria Falls and roar – and His mighty Angel army will respond to His call.

And anyone who has hurt His lioness or her cubs – Eish!

Exodus 15 vs 13 “the LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name”

Deuteronomy 32 vs 35
Vengeance is Mine, and recompense; their foot shall slip in due time; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things to come hasten upon them.

Matthew 10 vs 34
Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth.  I did not come to bring peace but a sword.



My Great great grandparents grave stone at Hope Fountain Mission in Matopos, Bulawayo

I remember being so fed up with my life in Mafikeng back in 2006 that I decided to lie in bed and waste away.  It truly was a powerful feeling – to give up.  I had no money and the job I had to build a client’s website had just fallen through.

But then I decided to give God a chance to test my faith.  I stood up and faced the day and got my five year old daughter, Dakota ready for her nursery school in town.

My car didn’t start.  I walked over to the nearby store and found someone to come over to my plot and jump start it.   But the engine was making a terrible sound as well.

That evening I returned home soaring.

I got a new battery for free.
I was given ZAR2000 so I could fix my engine problem and have spare for groceries and the rest of the week.
My daughter was given a place at the International School.
I received the deposit for a place to rent in town.
My order for Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge arrived in the bookstore.

I lay in the bath that night and read the entire book through to early the next morning.

And two days later my client decided to choose my quote after all for designing her website.

Two years later I left Mafikeng to return to Zimbabwe, wanting to write stories and take photographs for a blog, showing that God is alive in Zimbabwe and give Him glory.  I wanted to be a missionary following in my Great-great grandfather’s footsteps (Back to our roots post).

Beep.  Beep.  Beep.

Many years later and Jesus has told me He will get me a care job through Universal Aunts and that I must go to Israel on the 12th December 2018.   It has been six weeks and I only have 25 days left.  Although the agency knows I am available – I still wait.  Perhaps Universal Aunts aren’t being obedient to the God who owns heaven and earth or Jesus is being playful.

Since I did walk out of my care job from them on the 9th September 2017, leaving BBC’s ex, Michael Peacock in Barnes on the loo and had the fire engine and police arrive instead of the paramedics, in April 2018 at my job from Miracle Workers  while looking after Timmy Edward’s (RTT, SA) mother in Cardiff (On the hunt post ) and parked Colin Stevenson’s car in May 2018, a professor specialising in post war PTSD, doing a private job for him in Nether Wallop, which was then stolen (Because I’m worth it post ) – court case pending due to suing his daughter Rachel Townsend  for my outstanding invoice.

So who dares employ me?

After walking out on Michael Peacock I bought a one way ticket back to Zimbabwe on the 8th October 2017, to become a full time missionary in Victoria Falls.   I stayed at Shearwater Lodge in Victoria Falls for two nights and then walked over the border to the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Livingstone Zambia, expecting to have a real encounter with Jesus and my mission would take off from there.  Except presidents stay at this hotel and in faith I used all the money I had for my mission, on US$350 per night accommodation for five days and left my suitcase with my food supplies to a school in Simonga village, where I had shown the Jesus Film in July last year.

I then went back over the border to the Victoria Falls Hotel to find my cell phone, which I left by mistake in the loo the day I went across to Zambia and asked them to charge it for me.  I left my suitcase in the luggage room and went for a swim in their pool, then popped down to the Lookout cafe for a hamburger which I ate it in faith and told them after I would have to find some way to pay.

Walking along the path through the bush back to the hotel, I met some guys selling curios.   Peace showed me his wooden carving of a group of elephants which were beautiful.  He asked me how much I thought he should sell it for and I said US$40.  I told him I can’t buy it though as I had no money.  He then told me how they were all struggling to feed their families – I burst into tears and offered to buy them groceries in faith from the TM grocery store for $40.

We filled the trolley with what he needed and when it came to paying – my bank card was still blank.  No fish and loaves miracle.  So we abandoned the trolley and went to fetch my suitcase and Peace walked with me for an hour to my cousin, Michael Thorne’s holiday home.

He owns numerous veterinary surgeries in the UK plus a helicopter and in July last year, when I visited him in Victoria Falls on my Jesus Film Project mission, he offered me his home as a base for my future mission.

But on arriving I was met by strangers staying there.  And before entering, my phone rang – the Lookout cafe were asking me to pay before they closed up for the day.  I phoned Robert, a pastor I met in July last year who had helped me hire a hall to show the Jesus Film.  He had also taken me to the municipality to put my name down for land I wanted to buy once I had gone back to the UK to do some care work and saved up to build a small rondawel on a plot.  He works at ZB Bank and I asked him if he could loan me $16 to pay the Lookout Cafe – I phoned Pride, my taxi driver and asked him to fetch Robert and collect me.  Peace came with to be dropped off in town and Robert and I went into pay.  He gave me $20 and allowed me to keep the change and he paid Pride for the taxi.

The next morning Michael sent me a frantic whatsapp from the UK asking me where I was – I told him I was lying in his bed and he told me that I couldn’t stay there and to go back to the UK and he would pay my flight.  I told him Heidi Baker bought a one way ticket to Mozambique arriving without hardly any money and I was doing the same.

In July last year I had travelled up in my parent’s car which then broke down in Gweru and again in Zambia, so I bought a new gearbox to be fitted at Levi’s workshop in Victoria Falls – four months later and it still wasn’t repaired – I’m still waiting.

So I had to walk to Elephant Hills carrying my golf clubs and stopped at the Seven Eleven shop for sanitary pads as my periods had started that morning using $2 out of my $4 .   A taxi driver stopped alongside me and offered me a free lift and took me into town – I said I would walk the rest which is 4 kms out of town and he told me I couldn’t because of elephant – by this time being trampled by an elephant was the least of my worries so he took me all the way.

Without the $10 to play golf I left my bag at the clubhouse and walked the course instead.  On reaching the 9th hole I sat under a tall acacia tree and got another whatsapp from Michael moaning how he had to pay my daughter’s term fees for Peterhouse boarding school back in January 2016 when I had cancer – even though he had offered.  It certainly didn’t sound like his tone and I was so fed up by this stage I just wrote – whatever. 

I sat upstairs at the hotel bar overlooking the course sipping my last coke and on leaving was met outside by Surprise,  a taxi driver who had taken me to Langton’s shop in Monde Village in April last year to show the Jesus film.  He offered me a free lift to Michael’s and I burst into tears along the way telling him no-one loves me except Jesus and my kids.

The next morning I took my tent and rucksack plus a bag of mielie meal; bully beef and some candles from Michael’s pantry to stay with Tafadzwa, the receptionist at Zambezi National Park for the night, who cooked me crocodile for supper.  With no money I decided to travel to Troutbeck to sell my car that I had lent to the Hallowes.  The next night Tafadzwa paid for my bus fare to Harare and on the way to the bus rank I went back to my cousin’s house to fetch my suitcase and leave his house keys but Forget, the gardener had locked the gate and gone off.

The next morning I arrived in Harare and stayed at my cousin, Val Martin’s for a few days before travelling with a friend, Natalie Hallowes to Nyanga.  I stayed for a couple of weeks in the house my parent’s once stayed in as caretakers for John Bredenkamp – part of Zimbabwe’s cartel.  I packed up their furniture which had been left for two years after they settled in the UK.

On travelling through to Harare the day after Robert Mugabe’s resignation – to auction my late Granny’s silver – I took a wrong turn and ended up at the State House only to be overtaken by an entourage moving Mugabe out of office to his residence.  Had I been a professional  journalist  – I could have recorded his departure.

Later  I sent my granny’s antique furniture by train from Mutare to Victoria Falls to set up a base for me there only to leave it there and be brought back to the UK by my mother (Arrest Jesus post).

I feel like I have been human trafficked.  What am I doing in the UK and what is it about Victoria Falls that I cannot live there and be a missionary amongst the Ndebele?

I feel like Jonah in the whale’s tummy.

In July I used my last bit of cash to buy feathers from The Feather Shop in the UK to make and sell feather earrings I designed – with the idea of ‘He will cover you with His feathers…Psalm 91’ only to be sold duds and not refunded.

I then took a job at La Sablonnerie Hotel in Sark, Channel Islands before it closed for the season earning pittance but renewing my confidence in the human race, thanks mostly to the Jersey tourists.

And at the moment I am housekeeping for my father in Shaftesbury as my mother is away caring for Universal Aunts.

Now I feel like Jonah sitting under the tree.

God has since asked me to to sell my photographs for my Israel mission trip.

And if He can provide ZAR2000 in one day – He can surely supply £2000 for Israel in 25 days.

If God could test my faith when I was on baby food – I guess He can test my faith even more now that I am on solid food.

Dear Joseph – I know your pain.
And Job
And Jeremiah
And Elijah
And Paul.

Why couldn’t I be like Ruth or Esther?



When I was at my YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Kalk Bay, Cape Town in 2008 – we went as a group to a church service when Jesus interrupted the sermon.  The pastor called me to the front and told me he had a prophecy – Jesus wants intimacy with me.  I never forgot that but never knew how.

In 2016 I went through a battle with cancer and steroid induced psychosis (psst article).

After surviving cancer in 2017 I read the Story of With by Allan Arnold and experienced God the Father as my Abba.  I felt like an adored child almost spoilt and for the first time I could rest and be playful knowing that my Abba was fiercely watching over me.  I  didn’t have to be on guard all the time.   I started to become alive and perform as me – knowing He was encouraging it.  And delights in me.

I then stayed two nights at a hotel in Bournemouth, before flying out to Zimbabwe in July 2017, when Jesus started wooing me in a playful way.  I was hooked and became rather girly and could think of no-one else.  I lay in bed watching Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge on Youtube to recapture who exactly He is.

I went to Zambia and Victoria Falls on holiday and showed the Jesus Film in a village and township.  I just wanted to have an adventure out in the bush with the Holy Spirit but instead it was me and an audience watching the most beautiful story ever told.  I hadn’t officially invited Him.

When I returned in August to the UK I was reading John Eldredge’s new book Moving Mountains and started praying the daily prayer for freedom from the Ransomed Heart site and Jesus told me the specific spirits to name that have been attacking me.  I was thrilled that Jesus was talking to me.

I wrote in my pink journal all my past encounters with God.  And finally it hit me – He has really been pursuing me.   I felt so shy.  How could I have missed this?  Who am I to be ignorant of His advances?  He actually wants me.

Over the next few days Jesus started to romance me.  He is so romantic and I’m not used to this – I’m getting giddy.  Words like – ‘I kept the sunset for you’ and ‘let me love you’.  Let me say – there is no-one more romantic than Jesus.

Then it happens – ten years after my prophecy – I experience intimacy with Jesus – it’s deep – it’s spiritual and it’s Holy.

I met Him intimately and could sense who He was and He is STRONG.  I’ve never met a strong man.  It is so attractive.  You can only but honour Him.

Immediately after – I met Him as King and He is SOVEREIGN. And I knew I will fall at His feet.  He is that Holy.  And so awesome.

And before I can get to grips with just who I am with – He immediately acknowledges I’ve had a hard life and then I felt His love – He is so KIND.

So He’s a Warrior
He’s the King of kings
Maker of heaven and earth

And He’s in my room.  And I’m under submission.

And then He leads me into repentance.  He is the most brilliant counsellor – He knows my history and is able to open me up about the shame I felt.  He then clarified with me how I was able to go through with the things I’ve done wrong.

Satan hates purity – He chains young hearts.  Jesus rescues you and brings you back to who you are.  John 10: 10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

I wake in the morning feeling a little unsure.   I’ve fallen for His romance but I’ve also exposed my shame and yet I don’t feel condemned.  Then He tells me the truth about a childhood trauma I became aware of during a previous Sozo session (inner healing led by the Holy Spirit).   I have a brief moment to connect to that little girl and cry.  Then He tells me that I’m pure. I tell Him I can accept that He has forgiven me but I can’t see how I could be pure.  And ask Him if it is since I was baptised.  And then the most incredible moment – He laughs the most genuine – gentle, warm, kind masculine laugh and tells me I always have been.   Then He tells me He is ravished.  And I’m swooning.

And then the days of healing start – the Holy Spirit just went straight for my childhood.  He knows everything.  He has been watching over me my whole life.  And He is after my heart and Jesus is interceding on my behalf.  And this is a race and it is war.  Jesus wants my heart the enemy stole and Satan wants to destroy my mind.  The more spontaneous I become – the more unnatural I become to this world.

He told me to lean on Him and as His hand has been on me – I’ve been through the fire for ten months and come out (I wrote some of it in Arrest Jesus blog and Because I’m worth it blog).   And although sometimes it felt like I could go mad – I just couldn’t because Jesus won the battle with my heart.  Christ in you, the hope of glory.  Colossians 1: 27.  I have been set apart and I truly am being prepared for heaven.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139 : 14.

And now He tells me – I want you to want me.  He’s been the Warrior – the Romancer and my Maker – broken the chains off my heart and now He wants me to trust Him to show my love for Him with my whole heart and that it won’t be hurt.  It’s easy to be pursued but to allow your heart to admit genuine love is hard.   You can love your children from birth and not expect to be hurt but Jesus wants the same and more.  He is a jealous God Exodus 20 : 5.

I’ve been able to be vulnerable and open my heart and feel the deep love I have for the Holy Spirit and His love touches me there.  I’ve cried many times during worship when I’ve been in His presence but crying from a broken heart is alive.  It’s passion.  My heart was made for Him and knows Him intimately because it’s where I receive the things of God.

We won’t have these bodies but we will have our hearts.   He told me he will personally tell me my story.   Imagine Jesus Himself telling us our story which is written in the stars – from the beginning – we’ll be young and innocent again in new bodies.  He told me heaven can’t wait for its beauty.  That’s how beautiful our hearts are and that’s the war.  And it’s that serious.

Because I’m Worth It

Teapot land Photo by Kim                    

I’m lying on my bed at St Ann’s hospital, Poole waiting to make a confession about what I did with my previous client’s car.

In a panic I come up with quite a few cover up versions – I was on my way to say goodbye to my client in hospital and see a royal mail box.  Park his car in the university car park opposite.  Post my daughter’s birthday card and accidentally drop the keys and bank card into the box too.  Which could have been valid except I realise I couldn’t explain my rucksack away.

When Jesus interrupts my panic and tells me, ‘My darling you are more valuable than the entire earth’. 

I burst into tears and realise for the first time – I’m so flipping worthy. 

The truth is I woke up at my live-in housekeeping job in panic mode – after a few nights interrupted sleep due to emotional days spent visiting an abusive old man in hospital and – perimenopause.

I have the flight effect which gives me enough time to pack my rucksack with two swimming costumes – a towel – slops – basic toiletries – a scented candle – my makeup bag with a K on it – speaker – PicoPix projector – bible – my strictly private and confidential envelope of hospital detentions and Becoming the Beloved book.  I write out my invoice and a note to say that I am taking a break and will be back to collect my case and leave the house just after 08h00.

I drive to an open field with a stream and horses grazing on the other side.  I park to plan.  I walk over to the stream and see a beautiful beetle on a reed – shiny green and gold.  I step onto the muddy bank and lean over to grab him and place him in my cigar tin.  I go across the road to buy a bottle of coke from the pub and come back to sit on the bench table and smoke a cigar.

I decide to drop the car at Winchester hospital and say goodbye to my client who was in there after a stroke.  I would give him the car keys and invoice with my note for his daughter and leave.  But instead just before the hospital I can’t cope with seeing him again and park at the university just before and drop the keys with my rolled up invoice and note attached, into the royal mail box across the road.

I have just blown Plan A but at least the car is safe with free parking and the keys would go to the Royal Mail to be collected once I contact the daughter.  I felt empowered.  I catch a bus into Winchester and realise I left my iPhone in the car which hugely effects what should have been a simple recovery process.

Plan B is to go on a break. I had been planning Israel and in the process of getting my visa but I could go to Mauritius instead.   I catch a taxi to Bournemouth Airport and on the way I realise I still have my client’s bank card in my purse as I had put fuel in the car before I left.  I’m in so much trouble already I quickly open the window and slip it out onto the busy intersection in the hope that it would get destroyed and he could just get a new one – it’s just a piece of plastic.

Bournemouth Airport is small with not much happening and I’m lost.  I sit on a grassy bank to catch a breath and study my beetle.  I’m so annoyed – I’ve paid £90 for my taxi – my rucksack is too heavy – I don’t have my phone and I have just lost my new pair of sunglasses.  I stop a guy in a van and ask if he could call a taxi to take me to Heathrow Airport which costs another £160.  I arrive late and exhausted and just want a bed.

I hop in a taxi van and before he closes the door – he asks me if I have money for the taxi.  I huff and stomp off – lately I have zero tolerance for silly questions.  And there are so many.  I catch a bus to the Premier Inn and spend £90 to regroup.  I get to bed too late and sleep too little and wake to re pack my rucksack and discover my new pink travel plan book is missing and my beetle is lost.

I take out my bible and Becoming the Beloved book and leave them on the couch.  By this time I am determined that if Jesus doesn’t pick me as His bride for the Wedding Feast – I’m gate crashing.  I tie my Converse onto my bag – hang my towel over my shoulders and leave.

I’m frustrated trying to get help from staff to book a flight and confronted by two policemen for being emotional and under suspicion booking a flight at the airport.  I tell them I’m trying to get to Mauritius – I’ve lost my phone – I have my passport – US$433 travel money – I just need a ticket to fly away – flip.

There’s a joke – what’s the difference between a terrorist and a woman with PMS – you can negotiate with a terrorist.

I think a woman with menopause is – respect her.  And just maybe she has a story.

If a professional policemen came up to me – acknowledged I was no threat – took me calmly into a quite office and asked me why I was so emotional – I could tell him that that my adrenal gland can’t produce enough stress hormones to help me cope during my menopausal cycle because it was damaged by prednisolone.  And then he’d probably give me a cup of coffee and help me sort out the car story and I could leave with my head held high and get my life back on track.

The handcuffs are as tight as the Premier Inn in Bournemouth (Psst article) and I scream in pain across Terminal 3.  And wait for the ambulance.

I spend the day at the Riverside Centre near Heathrow in a room with nothing but two plastic seats which fit together to make a couch where I’m told to sit and stay by the bed manager.  I can see through the glass in the door to the office and my katunda is on the floor.  I entertain myself with singing songs like Because we’re all Rhodesians and we’ll fight through thick and thin – And my new song – I just love you.  And do the chassé across the floor for exercise.

It’s late evening and I’m taken by ambulance – they never tell me where I am going.  I know how dogs feel when they are taken off the streets and impounded.  It’s the exact same treatment.  I’m locked in the back for hours without anything to drink and sing childhood songs we used to sing in the back of a land rover on the way to YP – Well, be-bop-a-lula, she’s my baby.  

The doors open at St Anne’s Hospital and and I’m met by nine staff who lead me into the ward where I’m jabbed and before I fall asleep – I notice my US$433 has been stolen out my purse.

I’m so irritated – Plan B has clearly failed too.  And I have nothing to entertain myself – my camera and laptop are in Stockbridge – my iPhone is in the car.   I have one pair of clothes.  I later discover that £170 has been deducted off my account for a pre booking I made for a hotel in Tel Aviv.

The doctors have confirmed that this is hormonal and my haematologist has requested them to send me for a CT scan to check my brain.  I’m let out on a Tuesday after 17 days of assessing the transformation Jesus is doing in me and booked to stay in the Brooklands Hotel, Bournemouth for a week where the Crisis Team will come and visit me once a day.  I can get another job and make a fresh start.  I watch movies – go to the beach – eat out.

I made plans with my client’s daughter to collect my case on the Saturday.  She has asked me to bring the bank card and car keys.  I tell her I dropped them in the Royal mailbox – and she says come anyway.  I catch the train to Grateley Station and an Alpha taxi to the house and ask him to wait – this will be quick.  I dash from the gate to the house and don’t see the little red car.

I’m met at the door by a tall police officer.  My client’s son and daughter are standing in the kitchen.  My collection of memorabilia (my story) and personal documents are on the table.  He tells me I’m under arrest for car theft and other.   I ask if they found my phone and dash out to let the taxi go.  My case is in the dining room – open.  There is a kitchen knife sharpener in my case which came from Cardiff  (that’s another story) which the daughter accuses me of stealing from her father’s house.  Until she searches in the drawers and finds his.

I can understand being accused of car theft – if the car has been stolen.  But petty thief – give me a break – I leave and tell them I dropped the bank card out the taxi window and give her my invoice.

I’m taken to the Basingstoke police station as a potential criminal – no handcuffs. The officer is firm with me since I’m the baddie but he isn’t abusive.  He communicates to me with direct intelligent sentences.  I know where I’m going and I know why I’m going.

I’m also calm after watching Oceans 8 the night before.  In the waiting room – I re pack my case.  Meet the charge officer – photographed – fingerprinted and DNA’d.  Have my property listed and sealed in plastic bags.  I’ve told them to contact the Crisis Team as they will be looking for me.  And led to my cell.  I have to give him my converse – not allowed laces.  I’m given coffee and sammies through the hatch.

As well as the September 2017 issue of woman&home with an article on pg 123 Your feel good guide to the menopause by Maryon Stewart which I earmark when reading it to my criminal solicitor from Taylor-Street.  Mental/emotional symptoms – Anxiety and panic attacks.  Ironically the first time I had this experience was in September 2017.

I’m interviewed by two police officers and told the car was spotted on camera a few days earlier in Wales.  I’m fascinated and want to be on the outside solving the case.  My story is recorded for the court.  And again I wait for hours in the cell singing on my back or lying on my tummy on the hard bench making African drum rhythms with my feet.  Drinking coffee.  Or trying to sleep using my magazine as a pillow.  Until a doctor plus two come and assess me around midnight.  He tells me the car was found that night in Poole and isn’t that where I was in hospital.

I’m so intrigued with this Kirby car that now follows me.  To be honest – I was embarrassed driving the car – it’s small and red – and slow.   Why anyone would want to steal it?  Why not expensive cars parked on the road at night?  And what do people do with stolen cars in the UK – don’t you have to – register the car – get insurance – MOT’s?  How can you with a stolen car?  And how did they steal it without the keys?  Hotwire with CCTV?

Around 01h30 I’m sent back to the hotel by taxi and a Notice of No Further Action Decision paper in my hand.  I land on the steps of my hotel at 03h00 stuck outside as the code of the door has been changed.  The taxi driver from Romania sends me off with – have a nice life.  I’m shy about my big plastic bag with orange sealed police tape.  And let in.

I’m so excited to get my clothes back from Stockbridge but my paper + stitch jeans which I love and my black jacket are missing.  Who’s robbing who?  I lie in bed wandering about the case and what if the person who ‘stole’ the car – wore my clothes as well.  And what if I’ve been framed?

A few days later I have a brandy and coke on the terrace of the Real Greek Restaurant in Bournemouth.  It’s strong but soon becomes delicious and I order another – which never arrives.  I’m slightly annoyed because it was fun until then.  And ask for my bill.  The cheek of it is that I’ve been charged for the very thing I’m annoyed about.  And just say that’s not my bill.  I try to bring up an argument with the manager with black rimmed glasses perched in the middle of his nose.  But he refuses and furiously writes it off.

I don’t sleep that night – covered in chickenpox and itching all night.  And it’s that time of the month again.  But I go out anyway and just happen to pop into the Real Greek to do the correct thing – argue my case.  But before I can open my mouth – the manager has ordered me to leave.  And he chooses my exit to take.   So I sit – and ask for the owner.  He calls the police who handcuff me – and don’t ask my side of the story.  I kick off my slops (which I loved) and stomp barefoot to the police car.

I really do need a bracelet – Do not arrest – respect her and ask her calm intelligent – direct questions.  Like what’s your story?

I’m taken back to the naughty corner to Haven Ward – the dungeon of St Ann’s Hospital.  Where I sit with my hands cuffed behind my back for hours – the only part of my body I can itch is my forehead on my knees.  Singing comfort songs.  The handcuffs are removed and I sit on the plastic couch with two support workers at a time – who sit and stare.  I kid you not – that’s their job.

I have a fever – I’m covered in chickenpox and itching like mad.  And they sit and stare – Like what is this moody – emotional creature?  If I were in a general hospital – I would be given medical attention – have my temperature taken – and put to bed.

By this time I’m ready to start swearing but I sing.  And don’t sleep the entire night again.  The next evening I’m allowed out into the communal area.  I’m so feverish and ill and physically exhausted from being without sleep for two days.  I want to breakdown and cry.  But I sing again.

At around 01h00 the following morning I’m transported by ambulance to a private hospital in Manchester.  That’s three days – no sleep.

I have a flat laptop and no charger.  A camera but nothing to photograph.  My old iPhone.  One pair of clothes and I’m barefoot.  I’m broke too.  The daughter from my previous job has refused to pay me my outstanding invoice.  I’m rationing my cigars.  My suitcase is at the Brooklands Hotel.  The only entertainment is sitting on the edge of the next door golf course wishing I could play.

My chickenpox lasts ten full days and after 12 days I’m transported back to St Ann’s Hosptial arriving at 03h00 and go back into the dungeon.  Only to be let out that afternoon back to Sea View – where they are waiting to hear from my haematologist if I can have HRT treatment.  I’ve asked for 5-Htp.

And for Jesus to whisk me away into the clouds and further.

Because I’m His – He has paid the price for me.

I just love you
I adore you
I’m reckless for you
I fall down at your feet

And I just love you
I adore you
You are my King
My tears fall upon your feet

And I just love you
I adore you
You’ve stolen my heart
I kiss your feet

And I just love you
I adore you
I’ve ravished your heart
Elohim I’m forever yours

My heart flips upon your gaze

On The Hunt

Beira                                                   Tippy Toes, Beira Mozambique

I sit on top of a hill overlooking farms and take out the two squashed Berkley cigarettes from my bra to  light one with a match against the cut off flint I got from the match box next to my parent’s fireplace.  I don’t want to smoke but it feels like the most real thing to do at this time.  I fear I have landed in the dullest place on earth – green farms – hedges and no life.

After being arrested in London – Searching for my Beloved in Zambia – and then being arrested in Harare.  I’ve been persuaded away from Victoria Falls by my mother to their home in the UK in pursuit of Olanzapine – the supposed cure for my open heart.

The Shaftesbury doctor has established that I have menopause – through a blood test.  On hearing the result – I feel even more feminine and free to embrace my femininity while men – pause.  I may be wild and strut my stuff – without hiding.  Well I’m learning to.

Besides my eyes are searching high and low for my lover. And I’m on the hunt.  I’m on a mission.  He has stolen my heart – And he is my King.  And when I find Him – I am sure to fall at His feet and drop my tears upon them.  He is the most romantic man alive and there is none that can compare.  I know not One.

I have been arrested in Bournemouth (Psst article), London – Harare (Arrest Jesus article) and now in Cardiff.

In April 2018 in an attempt to rescue the lady I was working for whose chair lift got stuck halfway up the stairs – I dial 999 just before midnight to be told the paramedics would be sent out and not to touch anything.  Four firemen arrive instead and I tell them not to touch anything.  We wait – after making a few more confusing 999/111 calls – I tell them to bring the whole squad.  I have had 17 days of  little sleep due to this old woman and don’t care if I get fired.  I sit shivering on the pavement barefoot waiting for them to never arrive and smoke five cigarettes one after the other.

The police arrive to try and persuade me into their vehicles giving me the option of two which I refuse.

I sit barefoot on the driveway and cry for my dummy – proclaiming that we all need to be walking around with one.  They bring me my Converse as well as the unused box of  ‘to please my mother’ Olanzapine – they have unwarranted-ly searched for in my case.  I am taken to the police van – ready for another adventure but taken to hospital instead.  After my introduction to all the doctors and staff I sing the most beautiful song which sails down the corridor – even I’m impressed then sedated and sent to bed.

It is reported that I had cannabis showing in my blood results.   It is quite common for marijuana to be grown secretly amongst the vegetables by staff so perhaps they do that amongst Zimbabwe’s tobacco as well.

Needless to say I am free to roam again.

I have ravished your heart and I’m reckless for you.